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Looking for yaois with a couple similar to Gojo and Getou from Jujutsu Kaisen

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6:35 pm, Dec 27 2023
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What I mean: they are both the type of the popular guy, both manly (but still pretty), tall, self-assured, hot. None of them seem like the uke, but the pair would still work. They also have a beautiful friendship, but are also goofy as well as rivals to eachother.

In a normal yaoi, they'd be the seme and have a more feminine uke. Or in a staight shojo manga, they'd be the love interest, or in a love triangle with the main female character. But I would love to see them fall in love with each other.

I hope I explained this well enough

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7:55 am, Jan 2 2024
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Intimate Instinct may fit the bill as both characters are cool, masculine guys and they have absolutely fantastic banter between them.

ETA: if you haven't already considered this, what about doujinshis for the ships you like? Although it may be a struggle to find ones with canon-compliant characterisations.

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