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HELP! Does anyone know...

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8:17 pm, Aug 3 2015
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Does anyone remember this manga? tumblr_npe5e0miAK1u2cedno2_540.png

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8:37 pm, Aug 3 2015
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The link doesn't work.

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Chuunibyou Lvl.2

3:39 am, Aug 23 2015
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If you'd still like to know, then judging from this blog post it should be......

Cross Stitch Step (クロス・ステッ チ・ステップ) in Kimimachi Terminal, by AOMIYA Kara.

I'm lazy.
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6:15 am, Aug 25 2015
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It's in the future list of Starry Sky Scans so hopefully we will be able to read it someday ^^

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