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6:19 pm, Feb 8 2012
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moria is not dead he got away but they still reported him dead

Post #522093 - Reply to (#522084) by chineserider

6:52 pm, Feb 8 2012
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Quote from chineserider
Quote from wrldtrvlr
With the mention of Shichibukai and those suited strangers mention master M, I think that Gecko Moria is on the island.

Ah, that's a good guess. But I somehow feel that Moria might be too weak to be in the New World.

He's also had 2 years to power up, you know.

Post #522130 - Reply to (#522086) by frfr2
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9:45 pm, Feb 8 2012
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Quote from frfr2
moria is not dead he got away but they still reported him dead

I would just like to point out Moria is most likly dead he was critically injured by Doflamingo before he got away.

Doflamingo said Moriah was critically injured and would die no matter what he did

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9:50 pm, Feb 8 2012
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so was luffy like 50 times

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sleepy ghost

10:46 pm, Feb 8 2012
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I don't believe anyone is dead in the One Piece world unless we get to actually see a corpse. And even if Moria was alive, I'm pretty sure his Shichibukai status would have been revoked by the world government, given what happened after the white beard vs. shichibukai/navy battle.

As for the legs only dude, Trafalgar Law seems like a possibility since we don't know the extent of his powers, but I don't see him as someone accepting the Shichibukai title, especially since he is responsible for Luffy's escape and recovery.

As for Brook, you can see him lying down next to Franky and Sanji on the page after Zoro beheads the dragon. Maybe those guys in the hazard suits somehow never heard of the Strawhats and just mistook him for a corpse.

"When we remember we are all mad, the mysteries disappear and life stands explained."
- Samuel Clemens/Mark Twain
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6:05 am, Feb 9 2012
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Oh, yeah! Brook! So he will be the one that will save the day lol xD

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10:50 am, Feb 9 2012
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LOL They probably thought the crew had a weird hobby of collecting dead skelletons XD
and yeah, it seems that there's smt going on on that island, at first I thought it might be the place where akainu and aokiji fought coz of the ice and molting fire halves of the island, but now that seems like less and less of a possibility.... btw I wonder who taht guy is, I doubt it's Buggy since he seems capable of Haki as well, and I just can't see Buggy power up that much not to mention that he is Trafalgar Laws victim is a possibility bcoz who's to say that Law needed to join up with the schichibukai to fight someone else?? I think taht the cut in half guy is a samurai, we'll see why and how he got halved and all soon I hope bigrazz

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