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6:23 pm, Sep 16 2015
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hi i was searching in the category and genre can u make it so the oneshot are excluded when i pick the completed scanlations?

you have the exclude oneshot but then it shows all even the manage manhwa that havent even got 1 release

also i wish there was a way to pick multiple options like from which list the manga should show at least i dont want it to show from my ceompletely read list but i would like the llist of reading on the list and hold or not on the list could show

like for Extended Options - it should also have "Only show completed (excluding oneshots) manga"
and for the TYPE - i could pic 2-3 option usually i only look for manhwa, manga, and manhua
and for "List" - could pick to show titles from Only show manga not on any of my lists "my reading, wish, unfinished, or my hold list.

it helps me narrow down the hunt for a good story as i hate reading short stuff and i look to find a series with at least 4-10+ volumes roll eyes

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4:08 pm, Sep 17 2015
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Yes I agree! I prefer longer series too but without the ability to pick multiple options, I am stuck with sifting through oneshots while looking for something to read. I am advocating this change too!

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9:06 am, Sep 21 2015
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I had the same issues as you, so I wrote my own search (or rather, wrote a wrapper for the search).

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