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Worst Shoujo Cliche!

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10:38 pm, Jul 29 2014
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I've read at least 5 shoujo mangas so far for this week and they were all dropped for one particular reason which I'm sure many people in this thread already mention before: love at first sight. Now I'm not disputing that this doesn't happen in real life or anything, but the mere fact that most MC falls in love instantly just because someone picked up a pen or hold the door for them makes the manga cringe worthy. That means any other dude that comes along with kind jesters should win their heart right? I'm just tired of seeing this played out, over used, beaten to death scenario.

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But if it makes you happy to win on the internet, have at it.

Screams from the haters, got a nice ring to it. I guess every superhero need her theme music...

10:57 pm, Jul 29 2014
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Worst shoujo cliche. I'd say falling for the badass guy. And in terms at love at first sight, i usually avoid them. It just doesn't seem like love.


11:50 pm, Jul 29 2014
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Love triangles are unavoidable in a shoujo but there are certain ones that just tick me off to an extreme

1) overly princely guys in shoujos and usually come with a frustrating love triangle against a more "normal" guy. Sometimes he's a lonewolf, sometimes just a normal guy but usually their sincerity runs deeper than the fake princes.

2) Then there are those player badass guys versus the obviously good nice guy. Or at least a love triangle where the awesome nice guy is on the obvious losing side. In these cases, I'm always rooting for the nice guy and especially if the female lead is unworthy, I just want to see the nice guy happy.

3) Love triangle but the female lead is totally indecisive. I think this is the worst of the bunch. It makes the girl seem fickle like Daisy....

Honestly there are just way too many cliches to name for Shoujo but love triangles like these are quite intolerable.

These cliches are some others that I feel strongly against:
-dimwitted/dense/ignorant female leads and Gal girls who fit this description
-all of the hotheaded women in hwang mi ri and han yu rang's manhwas. They're completely misrepresenting manhwas and it's quite disappointing since too many people don't like manhwas due to these graphic artsits who draw the women as irrational, wild and animalistic.
-girls who do a 180 for a bad boy (as well as the fact for falling in love at first sight for bad boy who is undeserving of it).
-Girls who do a complete 180 for guys who aren't worth it only to realize that the guy who helped her change is truly worthy.......

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1:46 am, Jul 30 2014
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"Don't forget you're also a girl."
What's so romantic about this lineconfused? ヽ(`⌒´メ)ノ
The female lead is working hard to the point of exhaustion, and then the guy says this and all of a sudden shoujo bubbles and blushes appear everywhereconfused If a guy ever said that to me I would snap at him for belittling me, not blush. And most of the times when the girl gets mad at him for using a line like this, she's usually the one who has to apologize. If you're concerned about her health tell her she should take a break, don't treat her like she's inferior to you....


5:48 am, Aug 3 2014
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i hate:
> fast romance, it's not love at first sight, the female lead just meet the male lead 2-3 chapters and they fall in love with each other? confused
> the heroines who're so emotionally weak, they blush so easily and their hearts toki doki really fast just because they're talking to handsome guys? confused
> hot/cool/popular/... guys surround plain/ugly/crazy/... girls because of some well-said sentences the heroines say confused

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7:12 pm, Aug 4 2014
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HAHA. Finally, a topic I can list all of my complains on.

1. Female lead is the biggest plain-Jane in the book, but she's surrounded by hot, sexy, rainbow-crapping men.

2. Male lead acts horribly to the female lead, yet she still falls in love with him? Wth? After he craps on her, she decides that he's the love of her life and WILL CHANGE HIM.

3. Female lead is so dense, she can't see what's in front of her. (In this case, I feel bad for the love interest).

4. There are many types of 'cute', tsundere is not one of them. Now, I'm not saying tsunderes are bad - but there are TERRIBLE tsunderes out there. Like, after she COMPLETELY misunderstands the situation, beats the male lead up, she FINALLY figures out what happends and goes all "Tehe~" you the male lead, thinking she could get out. Another case is where she refuses to apologize.

TLDR; Male lead is too stupid to ditch that girl.


4:48 am, Sep 6 2014
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- unattractive (maybe with glasses)
- suddenly gets pretty (or maybe just remove her glasses)
- BOOM! INSTANT HAREM (read: all the bishies all over her)

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8:08 am, Sep 6 2014
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Quote from ms_nobody
"Don't forget you're also a girl."

THIS. I hate this so much! Japan is a different society in which it's more acceptable to treat females as inferior, okay, but how could anyone romanticize that? It seems to happen a lot, too. "Don't feel like you have to shoulder everything by yourself" is nice and understanding, why the need to add "because you're a girl."?

I also hate the sudden pregnancy cliche. They invariably decide to keep it (even if it turns out to be just the girl missing her period or whatever), whether or not they have any money or sense of responsibility, because apparently that's what decides closeness in a relationship. confused I'm old enough to know otherwise, but the target age group for these kinds of shoujo manga is middle school and high school. It's easier to write a dumb feel good story if they keep it, but that's a really harmful thing to be teaching young girls. Also, no one uses condoms, for god's sake!

Edit: This is a really old thread. I forgot I posted on here 2 years ago. lol

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11:36 am, Sep 8 2014
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When the girl gets a tiny scrape on her knee and the guy picks her up (in the princess hold of course), and rushes her to the infirmary, where he ends up treating her himself because the physician is absent. TBH I don't even remember there being infirmaries in my elementary/high school, you just had to go to the bathroom and wash the gravel out yourself. bigrazz


2:50 pm, Sep 8 2014
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When the main guy has a past love who passed away that he's still hung up on. And of course the main heroine cannot compare to her.


5:45 pm, Sep 14 2014
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Cliches have always been an interesting topic to me. At the end of the day, I think cliches become cliches for a reason and it all comes down to the execution in the story. For example, Ouran High School Host Club is absolutely cliche-ridden, but it works because it's a parody and it actually throws in a lot of unexpected character development. Of course the lovestruck, genki heroine is always a cliche so I'm pretty much immune to that these days but I guess what annoys me the most is the male lead being absolutely perfect. He's literally there just to have fans gawk over him, and to be attentive (or a jerk, whichever) to the heroine, he's hot, rich, good at cooking, good at instruments, athletic, smart, seems to do it all with ease, and you know the rest. I can't take those stories seriously. It's especially bad when the premise of the story itself is decent, but the author refuses to let go and give the characters depth because they're holding onto their ideal of what a male lead (or heroine) should be. Thus, we never get to see what they could be.


4:52 am, Oct 17 2014
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When the main female protagonist "can't cook" or has "poison cooking". Especially when it has no actual relevance to the plot.

Honestly, i have a very high tolerance for cliches but this just ridiculous. What.

As a desperate high school student who went from not being able to boil water to cooking full meals using a rice cooker self-taught, i just can't believe anyone could be THAT bad at cooking- especially following a recipe with a teacher/friend and especially if the food in question is something easy (Special A, I'm looking at you).

Sorry but after reading the nth shoujo touting this gimmick as a joke to supposedly give the MC a flaw/endearing trait/weakness to the guy/whatever, i just want to hit her. Repeatedly. With a frying pan.

Seriously, give me love triangles or bad boys over this everyday, even those have more variety/subversion potential. This stopped being funny the second time i heard it. *deep breath* Whoo. Glad I could get that off my chest. laugh

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9:28 am, Oct 17 2014
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- A love triangle where the girl can't decide which guy she likes. She has a kissing scene with a guy on the lips and blushes like she's going to melt into the ground, and just a few minutes later the other guy shows up and she goes all doki doki and depressed... I can accept love triangles but this kind of relationships are just called two timing... put in a romantic drama with some flower and bubbly backgrounds to make it look right... >.>

- The female MC going after the most selfish, self-centered, insensitive guy and totally ignoring the nice guy who would do anything for her... >.>

- When the female lead is a total loser on everything she does and doesn't have the courage to lead her own life but she says some cute phrases to encourage someone else and "tada" the good looking guy was passing by just at the right time... >.>

- "You're full of flaws... You know I can't forgive you for what you did that time... and I know it's just not right but still I can't help but love you."... >.>

- The thin, boney girl who's stronger than all the guys in and out of school, but can't protect herself from the rapres.

- When the girls stand with their toes pointing inwards. It's supposed to look cute I guess... But I only see a desperate girl... >.>

- When the girl put on some make up and she doesn't want to be seen buy the guy she likes since she's too embbarrased but the guy shows up of course, gets excited and goes all doki doki for the girl but after a few chapters makes the statement that "she doesn't need any make up, she is the best when she's herself..." >.>

- When the guy comes up to the female MC and says he has been with another girl before for quite some time but he's not sure that anything was between them or not. Well, such a jerk you are. If you see a guy as indecesive as that in real life, run away from him. How can you not know you love someone or not after so much time being together... >.>

- The ex girlfriend suddenly shows up... there's an intense rivality between two girls but in the end the ex girlfriend turns out to be a kind person and even encourages those two to get together... >.>

- The girl is known to be strong. She stands up for herself. She's the type who doesn't go all doki doki for the guy(maybe) but instead shoots her mouth at the guy, punches/slaps him, gets all aggressive whenever she's in a pinch. Excuse me, but slapping and swearing are not the signs of a strong character... >.>

- The guy who's perfect at everything he does, just like a living miracle. His only weakness is his family or his step sibling/parent that want to control him and take advantage of his highness... >.>

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1:52 am, Oct 25 2014
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1) Love triangles. Shoujos always blow those out of proportion.
2) "I hate him so much! ...But look how beautiful he is!"
3) Tons of guy love interests. Like, tons.
4) Or vice versa, tons of female love interests for the hero.
5) "Wow, I thought you hated me, but that was just your way of telling me you love me!"
6) The heroines who are borderline stalker-bitches.
7) How all the heroines almost never fall in love with the second love interest. (Which is usually who they should be with.)
8) The dude always has some form of a troubled past, while the girl is usually this little dolt whose worst life experience is a grandparent dying.
9) How everyone calls the girl ugly when she, very clearly, isn't.

I'm sure I could name more if I'd actually read a shoujo recently.

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G r e e n B o x

1:14 am, Dec 27 2015
Posts: 31

Yeaaaah... there's a lot! I'm so used to it sometimes I just ignore it IF THE STORY IS EXECUTED GOOD.

Worst for me would be:
1 - "what is this feeling?" Is this love?? Blah blah
( like are you kidding me? EVERY DAMN TIME!)

2 - Be it a girl or guy, one must be POPULAR.
( oh please...)

3 - Inconsistent characterization or plot.
( when a character jumps from one personality to another. There's no proper development and all. )

( give me a break )

( authors should just make the blush tattooed on their faces. )

6. Teenage marriage. PROPOSAL TO BE EXACT.
( Always, always proposing at teenage years. )

7 - Innocence
(KILL ME....the overly innocent act is annoying. It's not refreshing anymore.)

8. Weak presentation of side characters.

9. Annoying misunderstanding that takes up 1 volume to be solved.
( Shallow reasons almost every time. )

All have probably been mentioned but I want to emphasize it again.

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