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Making new scan (HIRING MODS, ADMINS)

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11:29 pm, Jan 12 2022
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Greetings, Arcane Scans is a newly established scanlation team focusing on manhwas and mangas (Action, Shounen, Sports, Drama). I'm seeking for some people who can help me manage and grow the server. Once we have enough staffs, we'll be starting to pick up series to work with.

We are looking for:
2 Head Admins - EXP required (helps organized the server/setting up, keeping an eye to the admins and mods) - MUST BE AN TRUSTED ADULT/HAVE NITRO TO DESIGN THE SERVER.
1 Admin - EXP required (Manage the google drive correctly/keeping an eye to the staffs)
3 Mods - EXP required (Keeping an eye to the main server [members] )

All higher up mentioned above is required to atleast pick 1 working role as follows: Raw Provider, Korean/Japanese Translator, Proofreader, Cleaning/Redrawing (No SFX included), Typesetter & Quality Checker.

Will be starting to recruit other roles once the server is done constructing.
Message at discord: Cohen#2943

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