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Solanin Gets Epilogue Chapter 11 Years Later

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2:27 pm, Sep 29 2017
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Shogakukan revealed on Friday that its new edition release of Inio Asano's Solanin manga will contain a new epilogue chapter labeled "chapter 29," 11 years after the manga concluded in 2006. The new chapter will be set in 2017, and will show the lives of Meiko, Kato, Billy, and Ai. The image right shows Meiko in the new chapter.
The new A5-size edition is slated for October 30 in Japan, and will collect both volumes of the manga. The new edition will also have colored illustrations and will have over 30 new drawings. Seen below left is the tentative cover for the new edition. anga-gets-epilogue-chapter-11-years-later/.122031

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11:52 pm, Mar 27 2018
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i didn't first read this 11+ years ago, more like 3 or 4, but enough time has passed that it's been a while and i really look forward to seeing the new chapter somehow. i find myself identifying much more with it these days as i age.

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