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how to add recommendations?

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9:28 am, Feb 19 2021
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I've been wondering this.
I'm not talking about the category recommendations though.
If i cant add them, then who does and how does it work?

hi <BR>
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5:13 pm, May 3 2021
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I am wondering the same thing. The category recommendations is some kind of algorithm, I think.
The way things are it might have been better if the users could simply add the recommendations too(preferably being able to argue why the recommendation is there)

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11:51 am, Aug 15 2021
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Did you figure out how to add recommendations or what the recommendations field is for?

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A Breathing Human

2:01 am, Aug 22 2021
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whoa whoa whoa, I've JUST been wondering the same thing! I hope a mod or admin answers. I'm really curious to know the ans. I know what category recommendations are -- they're series that are recommended based on having the same category tags -- but what are recommendations and how can we add them? 🤨

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