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New Poll - Interchangeable Bodies

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8:11 pm, Mar 18 2023
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This week's poll was suggested by jacob66. Do you think people would take less care of their body if it could be replaced? I feel like there's not much debate about this one...

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The poll ended: March 18th, 2023 7:55pm PDT

Tabletop Simulator is great. Lets you play so many board games

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9:39 pm, Mar 18 2023
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Perhaps, but probably very slightly. Would probably act a little riskier, like going without a screen protector. Like I don't go around breaking phones just cause it's replaceable. It's nice to be able to just in case, but the cost to fix a phone and the inconvenience of not having on in the meantime is not worth doing on purpose. And doing that with a human body would be way more costly and inconvenient. Also fundamentally it'd be a dick thing to do to another person

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10:55 pm, Mar 18 2023
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More? Yes mmm...
But not by a lot, in the end it still hurts mmm...

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5:30 am, Mar 19 2023
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I can't see violence towards others increasing, but I can definitely imagine that people will be less responsible with regards to their own health. I also think that there'd be less of an impact on the lower class than those who have lots of money.

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8:46 am, Mar 19 2023
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I feel like people will be just as violent as they have been.

The idea of transhumanism presented in cyberpunk fiction isn't typically portrayed as idealistic, so the idea of replacing body parts with mechanical parts still wouldn't be something that a usually non-violent person would wish upon another individual.

I think even in the case where you'd be replacing body parts with newly-grown organic parts through the use of stem-cells, just the idea of having to force someone to undergo risky surgery for the sake of being able to be violent with them is probably enough of a deterrent for a non-violent person to remain non-violent.

Basically, what I'm saying is that, as a non-violent individual, I don't have any real underlying inclination for violence, and I feel like the same can be said for most non-violent individuals. Sure, there's time where I seek thrills and excitement, while putting myself at risk (mosh pits, thrill rides, etc.) but even in these cases I'm not seeking violence, I'm seeking the adrenaline rush.

I can't exactly speak to why a violent person chooses to be violent, so I'm unsure if they would become more violent if there were fewer risks, but in some respects I feel as though they wouldn't need to. If they're already being satisfied by the amount of violence they use, then there would be no need to increase it.

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1:50 pm, Mar 19 2023
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I do not believe that people would become notably more extreme or violent because pain would still be moralized, and perhaps more so in such a world. Suffering would probably be paid more attention to over permanent physical harm.


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7:23 pm, Mar 19 2023
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Not everybody can afford a smart phone or say a flagship model. I'm sure such technology would be expensive and controlled by corps or governments. It would be tiered, so the wealthiest and powerful get the best/talented bodies and everybody else regular ones. If its expensive then I'm not sure it would encourage more recklessness (I'm very careful about damaging my phone) also replacing bodies might be easier, but it doesn't necessarily remove the pain or trauma of injuries physical and psychological which then doesn't encourage violence. It also might be regulated either to keep costs down or minimize reckless behavior. Kind of like you only get one replacement every 50yrs or something like that.

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6:18 pm, Mar 20 2023
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beautiful people would be hunted by uggos/the aged

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