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7:56 pm, Sep 30 2008
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Update 26/05/2010

I managed to update a little bit of info here and there, I wish to do more, but google translator can only get you so far...

Wish I had noticed earlier that chapter 1 aka the prologue was translated 2 months AGO!!! WTF...

Well, I'll keep using my super limited resources to dig a little bit more info... until someone else can take care of that...

I only wish for 2 things, for Dredshi to keep scanlating this, and for Korea to drop the SUPER heavy web pages... dear lord, I know their connection speed is ridiculous, but they should care a little about the lesser beings with poor speed.


Oct 1 2008

A friend of mine translated this off the official page >_>

Dunno if it is too long, so is best to post it here

Comic Champ Blog::

Long ago, there was a story that is so old, it was almost forgotten.
Humans... Elf... Dwarves... Dragons.. before all those
There was a period before
formation of races, blessing of God, Great lands of mana where all was plenty.
The period of time referred to as the forgotten time... and when God's tears wet the earth...
God abandoned the humans...

When is not an exact reference of the future.
Main Character Tirr and his brother Loki assists his father at smithing.
The brother always dreamed of becoming a hero and hopes of joining the army.
Coincidently Loki purchases the diary of the Legendary hero, Ashron.
After that day, he falls deeper into the fumes of hero-dom
Using that, one day he helped the local soldiers in a bar as an excuse
He runs off to join them without telling his father.

A year later, A squad captain finds Tirr's house to alert them of Loki's death.
Losing his brother he loved so much, causes Tirr to fall into great despair and time pass
until he's 17 years old.
The Diary of Loki was delivered to Tirr
He figures that his brother was trying to send him a message and goes off to retrace his brother's journey.
He stumbles upon random mishaps as he follows his brother's path, and Tirr works to resolve them all.
As he continues he starts to feel nervous at the growing darkness that corrupts his once pure self.


Lets see what else can I dig smile
I need to give a few bribes for more information

PS: He said the phonetics for the title translations are wrong (or something of the sort...) so Try Electricity is not the real name of this Manhwa eek
Meh, I just wish he had said the real name none

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9:15 pm, Sep 30 2008
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So uhh...why'd you post this?

A just ruler amongst tyrants
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Lord of nonsense

1:43 am, Oct 1 2008
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Because it was too long for the description, so I thought it would be a waste to not post it and keep digging information about this manhwa smile

I mean the more you know the more interested you become right eyes

and I want this one to get translated, or at least to get noticed (so it can get translated in a year or two) >_>

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