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Forgotten BL manhwa

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12:30 am, Apr 7 2022
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I read this story weeks ago and forgot to add it to my reading list.

The story pov is the uke. The uke and seme met when they were young, uke being in high school and the seme either elementary or middle school.

Uke and seme are “cousin”, not sure if they are related or just the Korean language. But the are neighbors and the uke saw the seme being hit by his mom. Uke tried to help seme and seme became obsessed. Seme framed uke for being a child molester after seme saw uke got closer to a girl and seme confessed to uke while wearing a dress.

The whole town turn on uke and so uke ran away from home. Years later, uke is working as a delivery man and deliver seme’s food. When they met up the first time, seme raped uke. Later on uke tried to run away again but his money was stolen so he had to work in an asylum.

Seme enrolled into the asylum to peruse the uke. Things happen in the asylum that makes seme realize he needed more power to keep the uke. He got out of the asylum and became a model earning a lot of money and then kidnapped the uke.

Things of note:

The seme’s mother is a man and seme might have killed his father. Seme’s mom picked him up from the trash,

The head doctor at the asylum is keeps his “wife” drug up and rapes her. He say they are married and in love but the wife when not drug up say otherwise.

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8:08 am, Apr 7 2022
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I tried looking for manhwas with a rape category tag, but I didn't see any fitting your description, which is a shame because it sounds interesting! I hope you figure out the title.

What website did you read this on? Was it a scanlation or is it an official translation? If you read it a few weeks ago, maybe it's in your browser history?

떡대수 supremacy
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9:31 am, Apr 7 2022
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Thank you! I found it! I thought it was a manhwa because rape was very in detail, but no it was a manhua. The manhua is called moretones or bruise.

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