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Newbie J>E Translator Seeking Group

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6:53 pm, Sep 15 2022
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I'm new to scanlations and would like to join a group or two to improve my Japanese. I'm hoping to become a professional translator in the future but I want to build up experience through volunteering first. I can devote a reasonable amount of time per week to translating.

I'm a native English speaker and my Japanese is about ~N2 level. I lived in Japan for a few years so I'm familiar with a lot of everyday Japanese culture too.

I'm mostly interested in romance, slice of life, or horror. I'm not interested in doing anything NSFW or already licensed in English.

If you have a place for me in your group, please DM me or reply to this thread.

Thank you!


7:26 pm, Sep 15 2022
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Sorry for the inconvenience, I don't know if you would be willing to help me translate some projects I have pending.If you want you can add me to discord to talk better discord:ferhuayto0_0#9635

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7:39 pm, Sep 15 2022
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the_apple hello there!
@Looking for Work
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We're looking for :
**Freelancer Typesetter**

For this project:

**Volley Volley (manga)**

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Wanna join/help us by gettin' into:
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Your mommy

6:09 am, Sep 20 2022
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DM sent! Hope to see you in my dm soon! *winks*

<< Looking for staff for my scanlation group! Ugent! Non profit one! Interested candidates may check my dm or my discord for interview: Alexcia#8098 >>
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