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New Poll - Happiness and Intelligence

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11:39 pm, Mar 12 2022
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This week's poll was suggested by jacob66. Forrest Gump?

You can submit poll ideas here

Previous Poll Results:
Question: What types of comics do you mostly read nowadays?
Japanese manga - votes: 2113 (51%)
Korean manhwa - votes: 893 (21.5%)
Chinese manhua - votes: 108 (2.6%)
English webtoons - votes: 63 (1.5%)
English comics - votes: 38 (0.9%)
Equal mixture of some choices above - votes: 897 (21.6%)
Other - votes: 32 (0.8%)
There were 4144 total votes.
The poll ended: March 12th, 2022 11:36pm PST

Good thing "manga" is in our name

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11:42 pm, Mar 12 2022
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As they say, "Ignorance is bliss."

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12:29 am, Mar 13 2022
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I voted for smart people, and am pretty surprised that it's the minority vote.

Dumb people will constantly put themselves into bad situations with no recourse, whereas someone smart should be able to recognise what they need to do to improve their life.

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1:24 am, Mar 13 2022
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While I did vote for "Dumb people", I will quote Stephen Fry from a certain QI episode... "If ignorance is bliss, why aren’t there more happy people in the world?"

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3:32 am, Mar 13 2022
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The correct answer is smart people. Because if you are not happy, are you really smart? Being happy/satisfied is the goal of every human being. So if you can‘t reach that, you aren‘t smart.

Therefore: being happy = smart.

I‘m suprised that almost 90% got the wrong answer. Guess those 90% aren‘t that smart, after all….


3:52 am, Mar 13 2022
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I don't think there are dumb and smart people, so I picked smart as I thought it was the nicer of the options.

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4:42 am, Mar 13 2022
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Dumb people of course... If you are truly smart you learn to not sit there satisfied but be always on alert...
Though i suppose dumb people aren't truly paper, neither are smasrt.
Wise people are the ones who usually find true happiness... But dumb people FEEL happier and more satisfied still, and too dumb to realize that they shouldn't be...

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Post #796132 - Reply to (#796129) by Lemon Ice

4:45 am, Mar 13 2022
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I'd like to think that this is self-referential humor. Please confirm.

(edit: Though regardless, kudos on you for calling out HikaruYami on his complete lack of self-awareness. That shit got stale years ago.)

Last edited by Jooles at 4:49 am, Mar 13 2022

Post #796134 - Reply to (#796132) by Jooles
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7:09 am, Mar 13 2022
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Why would it be humor? The smart people are happier, that‘s a fact. If they weren‘t happy, they failed to reach THE goal that virtually every human being strives for (=being satisfied with their lives - which does NOT mean you have no goals anymore, btw.).
And that sounds like the definition of dumbness. (Dumb=not able to design strategies and take appropriate actions to reach a certain outcome)
Wouldn‘t you agree?

And I have no idea who this person you refer to in your Edit is.

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9:38 am, Mar 13 2022
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It should be wise people, but because there's only dumb amd smart. Ofc the answer would be dumb cuz they easily forget their sadness with booze and weeds

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1:41 pm, Mar 13 2022
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I do remember seeing studies that intelligence and happiness are actually positively correlated. Which makes sense to me. Being dumb and being ignorant (as in "ignorance is bliss"😉 are two very different things.

An ignorant person can be happy because they don't know about a looming problem on the horizon, but a dumb person isn't inherently less informed than a smart person about their life's problems, they're just worse equipped to solve said problems.

"It is those who know little, and not those who know much, who so positively assert that this or that problem will never be solved by science."
Post #796143 - Reply to (#796134) by Lemon Ice

3:06 pm, Mar 13 2022
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I retract the kudos. Pots calling out kettles for being black while neither are aware of their black-and-white thinking is just effin' ridiculous.

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4:55 pm, Mar 13 2022
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Kind of depends on how you define "dumb" and "smart".

I chose dumb people, because I think you can only be happy, if you can truly accept yourself (which I don't think many do) or if you have no recollection of the past. A being with no brain might to be happy (can you be happy if you can't think?), but they also don't suffer mentally, that being would just live and do its thing until it perishes, and I see that somewhat as a win and somewhat as happiness. It's not quite happiness, it's more like lack of suffering. Not thinking about the past, the present or the future, not thinking about survival or any kind of worry... It's not that you are confident enough to be able to not worry about your survival, your past, etc. you just don't think about it. It's a twisted way to "achieve happiness".


6:31 pm, Mar 13 2022
Posts: 138

both groups have opportunities for happiness

if you're dumb you'll never identify the factors that contribute to your unhappiness and make changes to achieve it
if you're a brain but you can't turn it off because of the worlds inequities you'll never be happy agonizing over all the problems your galaxy brain should be solving

I think sitting in a social circle of like-minded people can artificially make you dumb(and happy)

Last edited by Sugarshark at 6:33 pm, Mar 13 2022

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9:27 pm, Mar 13 2022
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Voted smart people since they can see better a myriad of opportunities that can lead them to happiness. This group tends to be more satisfied with their choices in life as well.

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