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3:13 pm, Nov 27 2018
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Hello, I am hoping someone can help with this. I’ve recently remembered part of a story line of what I believe is a manga.

I’m not sure if this helps but what I remember is that the main characters love interest gets badly hurt because of them for some reason and decides to run away to a seaside village. The character lives in a desolated house and can’t really afford much. The character who got hurt left the hospital and found the main character however they were still badly hurt and refused to return without the main character.

I can’t remember if the genre was shounen, i believe it was but can’t be sure.

I hope this is enough information to go on.


8:15 pm, Nov 27 2018
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Hmm that truly is hard to go off of, especially if you haven't mentioned anything about how the characters look like!

First let me get some facts straight tho:
1. Main Character is a guy who accidentally hurt his love interest (I'm guessing a girl).
2. MC then feels guilty, and runs away to a town next to the sea. He decides to live in a shack in the mountains.
3. MC's love interest finds him and wants him to return home, but he refuses beause he still feels responsible for what happened.

^Is this correct?

Next, do you remember around how old the characters were? Would they be in high school or middle school? What color was the main guy's hair, and what color was his love interest's hair?

Did the manga show any scenes of them going to school? Or was it set in the past? Was it a fantasy world? Or a modern day setting?

More details help!

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12:46 pm, Nov 28 2018
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Hi, I know I’m really sorry for the lack of detail, it was just the scene that popper into my head.

I think the main character was female, can’t remember what colour hair it was. The male character got badly hurt protecting the MC, when he was unconscious in the hospital that was when th MC left without saying anything to anyone. Not sure if he tracked her using gps or not.

I think the secondary character had dark hair and was from a rich family. Believe it was based in the modern age and they were either high schoolers or college students

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1:07 pm, Nov 28 2018
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I’m an idiot, it’s not even a female main character lol.

The one I’m on about is Totally Captivated ?

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