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New Poll - Waking Up

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3:15 pm, May 16 2021

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Post #790644 - Reply to (#790641) by silvarion
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4:42 pm, May 16 2021
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I chose "no" because I think I'm pretty lucky for the life I've had so far and don't want to take it for granted, no matter the troubles and tragedy.

But your answer really turned my head. Living two lives, I never thought of it that way. It's a striking idea and makes me think of those reincarnated/isekai manga. Maybe in my next life, I'll think like that too, haha.

I'm in total agreement that recent polls and their comments have been fun.


5:53 pm, May 16 2021
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TLDR: I should wake up. If im in a coma and found out and could have a choice I responsibly should wake up and face the real world, meet and deal with the passed time and continue on with real life but I choose No.

Partially in fear of not knowing how much time has passed, if the people in my real life have moved on and now im lonely with only being left with my life. My parents could have passed, I could have had no siblings, my lover or whomever I was with (if I even was) could have died, moved on, and simply could have given up. I could have been abandoned. There is always the opposite where there could only have been a weeks worth of time passed or despite how long people are still waiting for me, I could have had a kid who is waiting but the fear of knowing or finding out what really exists is terrifying.

I wake up to the endless stuff I dont have and had in a dream would be crushing and make me develop a living hell than any type of depression ive faced up till my current legitimate life. Wanting to die, attempting suicide would be a constant. Imagine the parents you hugged in a coma dream dont exist and the ones you have arent like that. Imagine if you wake up a different person from who you once were and now life wont work.

A siblings hug, a parents affection, the touch of a spouse, the pureness of a child, the happiness amongst the sadness. All the trials you had overcame just to find put they meant nothing. All the school you went through is just useless lol, worrying about exams nah worry about the hospital fee's when you wake up from a coma. Taking the chance to lose everything by waking up is something I cannot bring myself to do unless my life was absolute shit or in a position where its equal to dying.

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10:17 pm, May 16 2021
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Yes, I would choose to wake up and see how my life has been so far. If it's different from my current reality, that would be nice


12:56 pm, May 17 2021
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I actually love my life, unlike the average millennial, but I'd still choose yes. I know I selected "it doesn't matter" for "is this world a simulation" in that previous poll, but that only really applies when we can't ever possibly know it. If we do actually find out with certainty that the world is a simulation--even a self-inflicted one--then it is the responsibility of any conscious being to act as a seeker of knowledge and find out what the "real" world is like.

It'd be ideal if I could then return to this dream at will afterwards. But if I can't, that's just the price, I guess.

Needs to be hard proof and a painless exit method though. None of this hypothetical "you've gotta kill yourself in this world to see reality" scifi bullshit.

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5:29 pm, May 17 2021
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Very interesting topic! 😲 Ultimately, I would pick yes to wake up. Even though I am content with and love the life, family, and friends that I have, if it was all a dream, everything would a lie. None of it would be real and my body would realistically be wasting away in the mean time. If anything I would hope to quickly wake up to avoid contracture or pressure ulcers. Yes, there’s the possibility that my actual life maybe completely different or less ideal, but the way I see it once I’m awake I can work on fixing it. I had to work to create the lifestyle I currently lead now, so the idea of doing it again wouldn’t deter me. If anything I can see myself being more adventurous. 😎 It helps that I’m very optimistic.

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2:45 pm, May 18 2021
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Those who answered they don't wanna wake up must be depressed people... It's me. I'm the depressed people. 😪😴💭🌠

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6:00 am, May 19 2021
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That’s hard. I think I would have to say ‘yes’ because of curiosity and the people worrying about coma-me, but I would be worried about waking up to severe paralysis or something.

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9:57 pm, May 20 2021
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Yes. Who knows what kind of world I would be in when I wake up if this was a dream? It might be better or worse.. But I wouldn't know until I wake up. Though, I have to admit it would be devastating if I were to wake up in a world like "The Promised Neverland", in the middle of war zone/conflict area, or if turned out I was about to be sold in the black market. 😅

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11:41 pm, May 20 2021
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Where I'm coming from with this was basically...
If you don't know anything about reality, then there's always a chance that it's a universe working fundamentally different than this world we live in. In reality, you could be a rat that's been flung against a wall by a cat, and to prevent you from suffering through being chewed alive, your brain created this world to keep your perception locked down.
By fundamentally different, I also mean that a relative short period of time in reality (assuming there is something like time) could mean thousands of years in our universe, which could mean that you underwent cycles of reincarnation experiencing the whole history of life (fabricated by your brain).

What bothers me more, though, is...
Under that assumption, you could say that this whole world was created by your brain, and that it stops existing when you're waking up. This basically means death to everything and everyone you've ever known.

Of course, this dream could always be just your brain sending you a series of pre-determined pictures that you're just watching until the dream ends. So it may not be much different from reading a manga, where it's up to your willingness to empathize with the characters whether you feel sad or not when something bad happens to them.

However, in line with the idea that reality could be completely different from what we could ever imagine, there's also a chance that your brain just created this whole universe with all of its laws. Offering you a playground to freely walk around a do stuff. For all you know, the people you meet are real and self-conscious. So if you decide to wake up, would that mean that you also decided to end this whole universe with everything it contains? After waking up, would you be sad that you'll never meet the people, animals, things again that you once knew?

That's the main thing I had in mind, even though I probably forgot a lot.

You could also round this up from another direction: What if you existed in a universe that's just a dream by some outside-entity, would you want them to wake up?
Spoiler (mouse over to view)
That's basically what The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening does. The Island and its inhabitants are dreamt up by the Windfish, and Link somehow ended up in that dream while he was sailing around and a storm wrecked his boat. The Windfish's nightmares prevented him from waking up, because that would've mean their doom. However, Link and the Windfish still had bodies to maintain, so it would have meant their death if they didn't wake up in time. That's why Link set out to wake up the Windfish and ultimately ended everyone and everything on that island. That one girl on the island was especially impressive, since it felt as if she'd know what was going on and what was going to happen. Yet she supported Link throughout his journey until the end.

For what I chose...
This world is a flippin' shithole and everyone I knew long enough to tell anything about is a goddamn asshat (yes, me too). I don't think anything that reality would offer could be much of a downgrade, especially since this world somehow still finds ways to make my situation worse.
However, I don't really give no fox anymore, so I don't mind waiting it out and have all of those lucky flippers in this world enjoy their stupid lives. That means: No.

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1:45 pm, May 22 2021
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I voted no, because I'm pursuing my dreams, I have people I love and so many hopes and dreams for the future, be it real or not. Also, what is the actual reality? Is it a fantasy world? A world torn up from war? Was I in the middle of being tortured? Am I even still human? Too many variables to say yes too easily. I'd probably say yes when I've lived a long life or am consumed by some disease tho lol

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