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How do you feel about Isekai/Historical Manhwas?

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10:24 am, Jan 26 2021
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Recently, I feel like these Isekai/Historical Manhwas are blooming! I personally really enjoy it and have been addicted for almost a year now. Who Made Me A Princess especially is a title that's extremely popular, I think.

For those of you who never really got into this genre, what do you think about it? Even for those who are into this genre, share your feelings! What's your favourite type/troupe?

Revenge? Avoiding the bad ending? Villainess? Saving your favourite character? Reincarnated as the side character? Hahah what's your favourite? 😉

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1:55 pm, Jan 26 2021
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revenge and reincarnation as the side character 🙂

hi <BR>
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11:22 am, Jan 27 2021
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I also really like those tags. But most are just going with the flow and creating some insipid stories with repetitive arks or completely plagiarising other stories .

For example I really enjoyed , Omniscient Reader's Viewpoint and its's novel (they isekai the world into different novels). But it's imposible not noticing how the author took the inspiration from many novels (that were popular ) and mashed it into something coherent ,with compelling characters (they end up having their own depth and acting independently form the MC and slowly diverging from their "novel" counterparts) .

But it's not always the case. Since manwhas and web novels cost way less to create than other media almost anyone can start a story .One sure way to find those is checking new manhwas on trending categories . I really feel terrible when ,after havin enjoyed a novel/ manhwa for 150+ chapters,I realise that it's getting worse because the author only thought "I can do a manhwa better than xxx " and didn't really plan a complete storyboard from the start or abruptly ending.

Well instead or ranting more about the bad side here are some I really enjoyed:
Release That Witch It's Chinese and based on a complete novel (i prefer the novel since many consider the witchs' outfits a blasphemy against the novel)
"The Beginning After The End" It's actually an English webcomic
[m] A Returner's Magic Should Be Special [/m] based on a complete novel.
MookHyang - Dark Lady Your typical murim hero isekaid

I really don't recommend anything Korean that has comedy as a main tag ,their humour tends to be pretty unsophisticated (otherwise those tags combined with comedy are great .I'm really a fan of comedy genre).

I also enjoyed some the combined with the revenge trope ,but if you stick to the "shounen"/manga side they usually go downhill after he start and the MC's tend to do pretty atrocious things just to keep the tension/readers or end up disregarding themselves and the plot to becomes MC vs nobles/demon king. To evade these I recommend reading ones that are complete or that give a twist to your typical settings (They tend to be more or less original for +10ch).

I have yet to read more leaning on the "shojo" side.


11:42 pm, Sep 20 2021
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Love them the more the merrier


9:49 pm, Sep 22 2021
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I enjoyed them 25 years ago.
now I'm a snob

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2:04 am, Jul 1 2022
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Not really. I'll even say it's my least favourite genre, although I'm not really sure why. Maybe cause they all read pretty much the same? Or maybe it's cause it seriously challenges my (usually limited) suspension of disbelief. In shojos and josei genre, I usually tend to favour more grounded slice of life elements that makes me feel at home.
I'm personally not really happy with the sudden bloom of isekai, it has completely changed the face of the mainstream market these days, leaving little for people who prefer the more old school stuff of highschool romance. But I guess, that's the trend right now and I'll have to wait for the market to change. Frankly, the era of long running shojos like Kimi ni todoke, Bokura ga ita, Last game are dead. I kinda miss those days!


7:09 am, Jul 1 2022
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When Bakarina released, it was quite new for me. I used to like the "I'm inside an Otome Game now!!" because I like Otomes and it was fun! But now... not so much. I feel those became more of a commercial thing than before, and most of them (especially the Korean ones) are just following templates with different characters.
Some of them are really getting ridiculous because they need the character development to vanish sometimes for the sake of story length and most of the "I was 30 and now I'm 16" girls who have their full memories and world knowledge acts like they're younger than that and way more inexperienced on some matters.
I still read some from time to time, but most lost the sparkle. Especially with some bad official translations that looks rushed and barely readable. I'm actually reading Protected by My Dragon Knight, kinda good, and The Princess of Blue Roses, for what I have low expectations for it. If it's good, I'll be surprised, if not... welp, can't say I didn't see it coming.
I also miss the High School Shoujos without Isekai, European settings and/or evil plots, but I understand they're not the trend anymore. Whenever one releases in a language I understand, I'm automatically into it and supporting the author.

Post #798064 - Reply to (#788417) by Meltz

9:05 am, Jul 1 2022
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I honestly hate the Revenge and Avoiding the Bad Ending trope. It's reasonable but extremely repetitive. I always feel like some of them just adjust wayy too quickly and then some of the manhwas add Korean culture into regency and all. I love Korean culture but the entire vibe of the regency era is ruined for me if you see them eating Korean dishes and stuff.

Who Made Me A Princess was an exception because it showed Athy's and Claude's relationship growing. The father didn't just start simping for Athy. Even towards the end, he is a reasonable and more realistic father who loves his daughter but doesn't flip his character or smtg.

The Villainess reverses The Hourglass honestly was too much for me. I don't know why they added romance to it at all. They just use Crown Prince as a prop to show that Aria has everything in her new future. Seriously all I've seen Ash do is simp for Aria and stand on the sidelines. Just how many times did Aria even think about Ash? He hardly even crossed her mind. Even without Ash, the story would remain more or less the same with changes to some events. Which means they hardly gave any importance to his role. It just shows how obsessed FL s with her revenge which we all know is in the end bad for her.


1:38 pm, Jul 14 2022
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I like historical manhwas with good art and story. my fav genre is psychological. 'The Villainess is Marrionette' has the best art that i found so far.
Kinda bored with reincarnation. but if it has good art and unpredictable story i usually give it a go


8:21 pm, Jul 19 2022
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Hello, I'm a new user here, did you guys have any recommendations for Korean novels or Japanese romance novels? 🙂

Post #798349 - Reply to (#798345) by Inspire_me

3:28 am, Jul 20 2022
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Not sure if these are what you are looking for.
Katanagatari (Novel) is a historical fantasy romance.
Violet Evergarden (Novel) & Watashi no Shiawase na Kekkon (Novel) both have a historical feel.

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