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Where can i ask scanalators for translation on a title?

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6:48 am, May 29 2022
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Hello, so i never posted here but i was wondering where would be the best place for me to ask for translation on a manga (Bachi Bachi). I have no idea how this works, and i don't even know if it's possible, and it's a long stretch for me to expect them to do what i ask but i really was curious about this manga.


9:30 am, May 29 2022
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Forum rules here prohibit users from asking groups to pick up a series. (I'm assuming unless someone makes a thread specifically asking for project suggestions to pick up)

Doesn't mean you can't go to a group directly (i.e. website or discord) and ask them to pick up series. The difficulty would be finding a group that will pick it up. Some groups may have their own forums and sections where people can suggest manga, other groups pick what they want to do. And there are also others who will pick up projects only if you yourself are willing to help out on it.

Even if they are open to suggestions, it's not guaranteed they will pick it up.
If you're willing to do the research to find a group, here are some things to consider:
* Genre of the manga (i.e. if a group mainly focuses on cute slice of life shoujo projects, it's less likely they will consider a horror fantasy seinen suggestion. If you can find a group that works on genres similar to your series, you may have more success asking them)
* Whether that group is active (no point asking if they haven't posted anything in years)
* Are they open for suggestions? Check if they have a FAQ on this or a forum subsection/discord channel for project suggestions (some may not be taking suggestions, or simply understaffed in which case there's no point asking)
* Check the author's other works -- are there any groups that worked on their other series? Is there a sequel/prequel to your series that a group already works on? It may be worth checking/asking those groups if they will consider working on it.

You can also try and see if there are general scanlation discords (IIRC there used to be something like a scanlation school discord) and see if they have a channel dedicated to project suggestions.

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