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Futago Scans recruiting cleaner or typesetter (Shoujo)

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7:02 pm, May 12 2017
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Futago Scans is a scanlation and translation group. We like to translate shoujo manga that are a little unusual. We have two projects at the moment.

Our current main project is Palace Meidi. We have a cleaner, but if anyone is interested in typesetting we would love additional assistance. Our second project is Ningyoushibai. A cleaner and a typesetter are needed. It's our goal to get all of the works of Takao Shigeru translated, so we will pick up Wasure Yuki no Furu Koro soon (It is a one-shot collection). So if anyone is interested in working with us for only a short project, we can begin working on this one as well.

We are not too particular, and I can train you if you already have experience using graphic art programs. Photoshop is not required (I use GIMP ^_^) Freelance or regular is fine. An additional translator or cross checker would also be helpful. smile

This is a long shot, but we are also seeking someone who can provide magazine raws from Hana to Yume (July 2010) or Bessatsu Hana to Yume (June 2014) for Aishi no Salome by Takao Shigeru. It is a shoujo-ai oneshot. If you can provide them, please message me and we will be forever grateful!

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