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Biggest WTF moment in Pastel

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11:32 am, May 9 2008
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Pastel's not a bad story but it does have a few points where you want to pull your hair out. So I figured lets compare what parts of Pastel really left us with a foul taste in our mouth.

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So far the biggest one I've had so far was the nine month timeskip. Mugi, Yuu, and Tsukasa were finally getting a good relationship going then out of the blue Yuu and Tsukasa's mom comes and the result is Yuu and Tsukasa leaving Mugi. Then a nine month timeskip occurs. There was soo much potential in that area that left me feeling insane. For instance Mugi's character having to cope with the fact that he was alone again, another thing would have been Tsukasa's reaction when she learned they weren't going to live with Mugi anymore, how all the friends of Yuu felt when they learned she left. Just sooo much could have been put in there and really increased how good the story is. Instead we get a nine month timeskip and by the looks of things NOTHING changed. Thats right, not a damn thing seemed to have been affected by that sudden turn of events!

anyway based on the user reviews I can safely say this isn't the only moment that left readers with a bad feeling so post your complaints and such.

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Thanks, for everyones help, that should be enough site. biggrin Remember manga is a joy to be shared with everyone.
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4:37 pm, May 24 2009
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Yeah I have to agree with you there, the author could've used that time to fully flesh out Mugi's character while using the supporting characters as a backdrop to Mugi's mood. Good eyes though!

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12:49 am, Jul 11 2009
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I'm pretty sure he had to do that, because after chapter 49 the manga was not going to be a weekly manga, so he would not have had the chance to get every detail of the 9 months in the upcomming manga because it would take too long in monthly format... which started in chapter 50 when moving it to a dif magazine.

a situation somewhere along those lines.

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