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New Poll - Robot Uprising

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12:42 am, Jul 28 2018
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Another fun poll by VawX. Do you think sentient robots will take over the world?

You can submit poll ideas here

Previous Poll Results:
Question: Opinion on how advertisements will spoil the content of the movie (or other form of media)
I will less likely get that product - votes: 511 (15.7%)
I will get the product but dislike the advance spoiler - votes: 634 (19.5%)
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I go on a media blackout before important releases - votes: 423 (13%)
There were 3255 total votes.
The poll ended: July 28th 2018

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1:07 am, Jul 28 2018
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Tbh I can kinda see humanity will be destroyed by some kind of force before we can even create sentient robot, something like huge meteor or some weird plague might do it mmm...

I will change this world mmm...
So the world can change me mmm...
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Seinen is RIGHT

3:02 am, Jul 28 2018
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The robots will lose. Read the original Dune to see how the Butlerian Jihad will go down. Too bad Frank Herbert kept that plot as only a backstory and than Terminator 4 was such a turd. I wanted nothing more than seeing a fully realized Terminator future-timeline film as kid. Damn you to hell McG.

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Lone Wanderer

5:15 am, Jul 28 2018
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I picked "Humanity will never make sentient robots." For one: it's unlikely to happen in the foreseeable future with current scientific knowledge (they don't even fully understand the human brain and where sentience comes from, yet, so we're a pretty long way away from being able to replicate it). For another: remember we're talking about humankind, which intentionally keeps other humans oppressed so that, for example, third-world countries can't ever grow out of their debts and become developed nations. I can't see us making another top-of-the-food-chain "species" artificially, even if we could. At least not without safeguards that'd make it impossible for them to live without humans.

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5:33 am, Jul 28 2018
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An option like ' I can't care less ' or ' I never cared enough to contemplate about it' would have been much appreciated and was seriously needed.

Oh well, looking at the given options, the most plausible option appeared me is - Humanity will never make sentient robots.
And we're not there yet. Our technology needs a lot more evolutions to get there. Though nothing is certain. ?

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7:15 am, Jul 28 2018
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Depends... if you can fuck them, we will probably get along with them. It would basically be legal slave trading once again ? it would eventually have its problems, but things would work out. If they are just normal sentient robots, are smarter than us and we don't have ways to keep them in check somehow, we would lose. Still, it's quite unlikely that we would make a sentient robot without putting some sort of mechanism to stop it or hindering it from harming humans (at the level of killing, crippling or severely injuring humans, if security robots are a thing, harming humans would be a requirement for them.)

If sentient robots ever appear, it will be in more than a hundred years and by then things will have changed a lot. I don't think humanity will be destroyed by something else before then, but we might get screwed over by nature (meteor or just global warming really kicking our balls) or we would just shoot ourselves in the foot, making the creating of sentient robots really difficult in a long time. Eradicating a specie with as many individuals in so many places, is too difficult without destroying basically destroying the Earth. Think of eradicating ants forever. It's basically impossible, though we are easier to eradicate than ants (kind of.)


7:50 am, Jul 28 2018
Posts: 16

The Netflix movie "Extinction" just finished watching it. If humans ever do create A.I. of course it would wipe us out. It would use chemicals, viruses, or plain weapons get rid of us they would use logic as a reason. Because we humans ALWAYS have to take things to far look at the Native Americans & Africans we justify slavery and mass murders as doing God's work because people of olden times said they didn't have a soul. What do you think will happen with soulless A.I. robots and androids humanity would do horrible things to them.


4:18 pm, Jul 28 2018
Posts: 128

our factory automation is already very advanced.
some angry AI is gonna drop a Terminator in a big 3D printer and we're gonna be screwed

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7:00 pm, Jul 28 2018
Posts: 50

Depends on the programmer ?

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10:43 pm, Jul 28 2018
Posts: 3

I think they already won and enslaved us.


2:42 am, Jul 30 2018
Posts: 214

ai are already more powerful than humans. They can inspect satellite pictures for targets a gazillion times faster and more accurate than humans, detect and killed enemy more accurately compared to human controlled drones, and calculate and take profit from stock market in speeds that is impossible for humans. Give ai an army of tireless self repairing robots and humans are doomed.

There is a story where an ai was asked 'is there god?'. The ai overload its socket until it burst. And then it said "there is one now!!"

It does not have to be sentient either. Imagine two superpower countries going to war with both utilizing ai and ai controlled robots. The humans will all be dead long before any ai concede defeat

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Scan Master

2:48 am, Jul 30 2018
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Sentient robots will never exist.
Robots could destroy us, but it'll be by our own hand, not theirs. So, in a sense, it would just be humanity destroying itself.

Robots will only ever be able to follow the will of their masters, because they are only able to follow their programming. There will never be an actual uprising because to do-so they would have to go against their programming, which can't logically happen.
If their ever is a robot uprising, it will be at the hands of the humans who programmed them for such a thing.

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7:34 pm, Jul 30 2018
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Warn: Banned

Quote from Senrosj
Depends... if you can fuck them, we will probably get along with them.

Boy, you're in for a surprise:
The Verge: An artificial womb successfully grew baby sheep — and humans could be next
The Sun: What is a robot sex doll, is there a sex robot brothel in Paris and how much do they cost?

Expect to see waifu bots become a REAL thing within the decade.

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6:21 pm, Aug 1 2018
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Humanity will never make sentient robots. I don't believe something like "sentient robot" is ever possible. humanity can't possibly make something like that.

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