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Volume 10 - Bad Vibes

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6:46 am, Nov 21 2022
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Just expressing my concerns.

I've really enjoyed the first 9 volumes. Honestly, it's been really overdramatic and immersion breaking at times, and I remember plenty of times where flow didn't quite make sense or the characters are able to read each other way too well, but I still think the drama is done well and it's kept me pulled.

We're at least 9 whole volumes in. The tone of the story has, or should have been, long set in stone by now. I don't understand why the author felt this series needed an antagonist and to start adding these kinds of negative tags all of a sudden.

Volume 10 crosses a line and starts leading the story in a direction I'm uncomfortable with. The series has been good so far without falling onto the feel bad themes like lies, deception, and cheating that you can find in a lot of other manga of its kind.

I was really interested in learning more about
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since she hadn't been covered as much, but this volume has only made me hate her. I'm scared to read further at this darker turning point because I think the author might continue to do more of the same like this.

I think this came out of nowhere, and I've encountered my share of manga that suddenly go off the deep end to not worry about the warning signs here. I'll just have to wait and see, but I'll likely not be buying further localized volumes until it's far enough ahead in Japan that I can see what reviewers have to say about it.


2:32 pm, Nov 24 2022
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maid cafe sounds like the perfect place for shoujo ai
it's like a real world isekai; I'd be the dense and oblivious customer wondering why the staff giggle so much

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