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4:35 pm, Dec 30 2012
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so how was it for you guys? did you get what you were looking for or you were a lil bit disappointed?
kyoko is just too good, loved the scene where she was gonna storm outside and the thought of her meeting sho popped up and annoyed the hell outta me, thank god that didnt happen xD

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6:04 pm, Dec 30 2012
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I was like, mega blushing through the whole chapter. I am so surprised she was able to keep a straight face through all of that.

Man, not to throw a wrench into anything but... I really want Sho to see them method acting as the siblings. That.... would be awesome... XD I want to see him shocked so bad...

Other than that, I really want Ren to reveal he's Kyoko's Corn... I hope its a sweet moment...

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4:41 am, Jan 8 2013
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Hehe! Love it too... I'm glad now 196 is out, and the music got switched back to a less tensed one! But man! How good it was that little bit going one between the 2 of them... I want Sho to see that too, and be as shocked as me smile wink grin But it has to wait. He cannot break in into such a scene! Sho will have to come at an other moment. This had to be only the 2 of them, no 3rd wheel!
WWaaaaa... Can't wait for this manga to continue! 1000 thanks to all the people who bring this to us!!!


8:46 am, Jan 14 2013
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I think that during chapters 194-196 I was consistently in shock. I think one thing that I really love about Skip Beat is how it feels like I'm reading a different manga with each character she portrays. I've been on the same storyline for, like, ever, but it doesn't feel like I'm reading the same manga I started with. But I like that because it makes it feel new every time. In this case, they got into some pretty heavy stuff and I was surprised because I didn't know that Nakamura would take things to that level and it happened so suddenly too. I think if it had gone any further at that point I probably would've just died right there. Plus, although it was exciting, I didn't want too much progress in that direction while they were still in character because the sincerity level could be lowered.

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12:23 am, Jan 25 2013
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IT WAS SO ANNOYING (the chapter)

So many panels of different angles of them lying on top of each other, so many WAY TOO SERIOUS EXPRESSIONS it's RIDICULOUS. They took 'playing it cool' to a whole new level of wannabe because they are just two people alone together so this is practically BDSM role playing for chrissakes (But they're STILL in denial and its OMFG). I want my ren/kyouko romance, some REAL romance where they're HONEST about their repressed feelings. Why can't ONE of them fall into a situation where Kyouko finally finds out Ren is Korn? WHY MUST IT BE SO DIFFICULT. The part with Ren's American Gangster self 'shattering' was totally Lame; I WAS NOT FEELING THE MOMENT, why? something about kyouko lying on top of him and giving him a FREAKING HICKEY while he overcomes his 'evil persona'.

Generally how the chapter went:

Kyouko: uhh i'm gonna give you a hickey because acting.
Ren: you're doing that wrong but yeah MONOPOLIZE ME. go on, do it on my chest.
Kyouko: ok.
Kyouko: oh wait i just remembered you're not a virgin! *storms off*
Ren: dammit
Ren: oh yeah, acting.

SKIP BEAT HAS REALLY LOST IT I DONT KNOW WHY I AM STILL READING IT IT IS SO BAD NOW its like the mangaka (forgot her name now seriously) is backed up into a corner and doesn't know which direction to take the series anymore. YOU SHOULD HAVE GIVEN US THE ROUKO WHEN YOU HAD THE CHANCE BUT NOW LOOK

(then again, I read s2scans' translation so maybe that had something to do with this. if the translations are too transparent I fall out of the story way too quickly.)

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11:34 am, Jan 26 2013
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I'm one satisfied reader. I like details when it comes to romance & SB never fails to satisfy me. I love how the characters interacted with each other on this chapter. I love how they behaved (ie the flustered/irritated Kyoko & the affected Ren) Morever Yoshiki Nakamura finally resolved Ren's conflict with Koun so overall I am happy to have read it & excited to see Kyoko's thoughts in ch. 197.

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