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What manga has taught me about Japanese culture...

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Post #557054 - Reply to (#557020) by mwk
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2:01 pm, Jun 19 2012
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Idd always wondered where those salarymen come from!
Girls often gain immense strength to dish out severe punishments if you mention that their breast size is small sometimes it even happens when u mention its large or something about their looks/personality.


3:22 pm, Jun 19 2012
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What anime is your signature pic from?

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9:50 pm, Jun 19 2012
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what i learned from manga is dont fuck with peoples pudding in japan

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In hibernation.

4:52 am, Jun 22 2012
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Only hot foreigners / exchange students are allowed to enter Japan. smile wink grin

Post #557539 - Reply to (#557535) by Oriolidae
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5:26 am, Jun 22 2012
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Quote from Oriolidae
Only hot foreigners / exchange students are allowed to enter Japan. smile wink grin

With illegally large breasts, nuff said.

Post #557776 - Reply to (#557539) by Kaitentsuki
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12:11 am, Jun 24 2012
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Quote from Kaitentsuki
With illegally large breasts, nuff said.

Not to mention Blond/e, otherwise you wont be recognised as a foreigner.

Blue eyes are a plus

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12:39 am, Jun 24 2012
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the female population generally gets below 30s on exams.... so the female populace of japan is generally very dumb.

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1:31 pm, Jun 25 2012
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I learned that if you're a teenage girl who offers sex to complete strangers in big cities you will surprisingly get hired. Thanks manga.

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2:06 pm, Jun 25 2012
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It's ok for children to bathe with teenagers and adults; even when the kid is like 10 or 11yrs old

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An F to judge M!

11:50 am, Jul 4 2012
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It's a common misconception that the unique wind pressure system in Japan is only limited to timely panty-shots and nasal pressure. Careful, men, it also affects erections.

Simply put, in Japan, having an unused erection hurts, and if it's left unattended, it will not go away. Ever. The only known cure is ejaculation. This may sound troublesome, however I assure you, an improbable twist of fate will deliver a ready and willing girl to take care of it for you.

Alternatively, you could masturbate in order to coax fate along, just be sure to keep your door unlocked.


There is no such thing as 'surprise butt-sex' in Japan. Everyone keeps their rectums squeaky clean and well lubed, just in case. Even men.

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Sorry. I meant especially men.

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2:13 pm, Jan 13 2013
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I laughed so much reading this thread, lol

Every policewoman has to be either a gorgeous cold beauty or strong-willed but physically weak, unable to catch up to her colleagues and clumsy as hell.

One can never be smart and beautiful at the same time, if that person is a girl.

Your good look is multiple by 100 times as long as you smile sincerely.

One just not simply sleeps soundly. You have to mumble the name of the person you like or roll over and hug the person near you.

A mobile phone is the your most important procession. It is never locked with a password and everybody can look into it.

People are so devoted they all wake up at 5 to make bento. It supposes to be every woman's duty.

Being a host part-time during school is a normal occurrence, and all he rich ladies shall fawn over you.

A woman can never be rich or born from a wealthy family, unless she marries to a rich man or have one as a boyfriend/ is a naive princess with no real life experience.

Every school has a storage house so that you can be locked in there by bullies.

The normal process of getting together: talk to each other, hang out, falling in love, kiss, make out. In Japan mostly it will be the other way around: make out/ kiss, falling in love, hang out, only until then they will talk!

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3:56 pm, Jan 13 2013
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Warn: Banned

These are some of the ones I notice:

-ALL men have porn stashes

-When a character gets a cold, the second he is cured, everyone else is sick

-The parents are will to do anything to get their children laid with some girl

-When there is a date, about half or, if not, all of the friends become stalkers or they try to do ANYTHING to make the date even better, but they utterly screw up anyway, but you don't give a f***

-Any person you spend more than a minute or two with from then on will follow you EVERYWHERE

-You can lose as much blood as you want and you will never die, what do they put in the orange juice over there?

-The girls will hit you for no reason

-When some of your friends are girls, you can rarely ever find one of them alone, EVER

-You can't be a mix of some areas, you have to be a 100% otaku, 100% athlete, 100%, genius, ect.

-Men will always crossdress, but never the women

-You will unintentionally have a girl fall on you, or you will fall on a girl, in every way imaginable and then some

-In Japan, there is a fetish for that

-Men are the only people who wear pants

-If your in high school, you MUST have a date

-All common sense went out the window the moment you stepped on Japanese soil

-Half of the breast belonging to women are water bags and they bounce around everywhere

-You stop aging the moment you step into middle school

-If men are a minority at a school, you're seen as a pervert

-For everything else I didn't cover:
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8:36 pm, Jan 13 2013
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-That they like Germany there are a lot of German themed mangas ... smile
-when they fall from high places or get hurt that would NORMALLY kill someone the characters just come back bruised or with a GIANT bump!

Ohhh some sort of quote should go here but a picture would be pleasant .... Now to figure out how to do it....
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8:50 pm, Jan 13 2013
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Traveling in a Japanese city is very easy. If you have the address, you're good even if you've never been there. In the countryside, however, you will definitely get lost if you are accompanied by a member of the opposite sex. If that happens, a storm and an abandoned shelter will soon present themselves.

Also, it's a natural thing for guys to look up at the sky, out the window, go to the roof, etc. Who looks at phones?

"I'll shut your mouth~~~~~ with mine~~~"

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10:32 pm, Jan 13 2013
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Basically, all guys are perverts.

Girl fights are very dangerous, especially in high school.

Girls will start to blush if they try to call some guy first name for the first time.

If a girl falls in love with a foreign guy, he will have some wierd backstory about one of his parents being rich and marry a poor partner and having him.

Having big breasts is very important to a girl.

Practically everyday, students will go to karaoke. ( I don't see the fun of karaoke! It's just singing! )

A student falling in love with a teacher is normal even if he/she is in middle school.


There doesn't seem to be anything realistic in manga! no

It's not about which character I hate, it's about which character I not hate. ~Me
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