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Anyone think Sakura is an idiot?

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11:21 am, Sep 26 2014
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I don't know anyone who things she isn't an idiot.

Post #652999 - Reply to (#652997) by residentgrigo

11:23 am, Sep 26 2014
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That's not loyalty. That's stupidity. Its quite clear Sasuke's become bad to the point of hurting you and its proven on several occasions. His first victim is Naruto which not many people know about because Naruto is protecting him from getting a more severe sentence since back then. In Bleach its not really the case. If your talking about Orihime then Ichigo has never gone near that extent.

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11:57 am, Sep 26 2014
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I have seen about 5 episodes and those where my thoughts:

"hmm black haired girl, ... decent character ... doesn't act stupid... likes him... wait could she be the main female lead or at least a love interest?!"
*sakura is shown*
"crap pink hair, so much for female lead... chances for interest are also dim because they always go after the pink one, well if blacky is decent the main female can't be that bad"
*sakura starts talking*
"oh my she's an idiot."
*sakura starts doing stuff*
"oh my she's a complete idiot!"

*after those episodes*
"well author can't be so dumb and keep this pseudo romance going until the end because after some time all jokes are made... right? or at least pinky will get better!"

*looks at current topic and reads posts*

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12:49 pm, Sep 26 2014
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Was googling to see if there were any kickass women in the Naruto anime that didn't exist in the manga because this post got me thinking that there HAD to be something to properly counter Sakura... Tsunade and Konan usually came up on the lists ... I'm not really a Tsunade fan so that leaves me with only Konan ... *sigh* Temari's decent though I guess but they're all minor... anyway! this comment I thought was awesome and explains why Sakura is an idiot:

"P.S – have finally realized Sakura’s purpose. It is to help Sasuke continue on the Uchiha line. No one else will, at this rate."

This explains why she's an idiot!!! Like what sane person would wanna make babies with a known sociopathic who belongs to an even more f-ed up lineage!? eek


12:49 pm, Sep 26 2014
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I really hope that this genjutsu heart stab either kills her or severs her love for Sasuke and she hates him now.

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1:48 pm, Sep 26 2014
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I haven't read Naruto in over 150 chapters, so I don't really know what's going on, but I am disappointed in reading that nothing panned out between Hinata and Naruto. I mean, I hate it when stories have a pretty solid reason for liking someone, and they decide to go instead for the nonsense reason. For example, Hinata always liked Naruto for who he was, so going by that, you would think that Naruto would start to at least consider the girl who's always liked him unconditionally, right?
So Naruto had a crush on Sakura in the begining, when he was 12! Now that he's older, it would be perfectly normal for him to have outgrown his crush for Sakura, which is what I had hoped for.

As for the Sakura/Sasuke issue, I don't think Sasuke ever had any romantic feeling for Sakura, even before he went complete to the dark side, so anything happening there would make absolutely no sense at all. And Sasuke doesn't strike me as the romance-type character anyway.

And to end this and answer the question, Yes, Sakura is an idiot, along with most everyone else.

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5:16 pm, Sep 26 2014
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My problem with Sakura's speech was that it was entirely focused on herself, as though her feelings alone could ever possibly convince Sasuke to change his ways. Sasuke's reply was spot-on, but the manga (via Kakashi's words) was acting like what he said isn't the truth. But it's true, Sakura doesn't have a reason to love him and she is living in a fantasy world.

If Sakura had started talking about her feelings for Sasuke but then expanded her speech to include Kakashi and Naruto--it isn't only me who loves you, Kakashi and Naruto also [blah blah], so come back to Team 7 so we can all be a family again [blah blah]--and made Team 7 the true focus of her words, I wouldn't have as much of a problem with what she said. It would have made her appear stronger and less selfish than the "battered wife" (as you guys put it) speech she did give. Sasuke has put Naruto and Kakashi through the wringer as well, and I wish she had the self-awareness to acknowledge that, and to acknowledge what the manga is really about: the bonds between friends and comrades. Then I could feel like Sakura finally learned something, instead of acting the exact same way she did when she was 12 and Sasuke left for the first time.

[BTW, for those of you still clinging to the wishful thinking that Sasuke will die, you are aware that his 2 years-older character design for the Naruto: The Last movie has come out, aren't you?]

Last edited by brid at 5:25 pm, Sep 26 2014

Post #653017 - Reply to (#653016) by brid

5:36 pm, Sep 26 2014
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Quote from brid
My problem with Sakura's speech was that it was entirely focused on herself, as though her feelings alone could ever possibly convince Sasuke to change his ways. Sasuke's reply was spot-on, but the manga (via Kakashi's words) was acting like what he said isn't the truth. But it's true, Sakura does ...

I just looked at the list, that means Sasuke isn't going to die either. HE really needs to go.

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5:46 pm, Sep 26 2014
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Ok well that sucks if Sasuke won't die. Are movies totally canon though? Anyway, I don't think the Uchiha lineage should go on since they're ticking time bombs. Karin would be crazy enough to want to have his babies though. Maybe after Sasuke "killed" Sakura in the genjutsu, she will finally move on. If not, then Kishi is a bad writer.


7:39 pm, Sep 26 2014
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Do I think she is an idiot? No. She is one. I don't think it. I know it. Before, I gave her the benefit of the doubt, but now, it is like really though -_-. Just like Brid said in her post, she made it all about herself. Why does she like Sasuke? I agree with Sasuke. She is just clinging to the past. She is so thick headed seriously.

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6:26 am, Sep 27 2014
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The biggest problem with Naruto for the last years is that noone evolves and that characters keep going backwards. For example: Hinata confessed her love and then nothing happened so back to square one ? Everyone came back as a zombie and thus our characters got to relearn their lessons all over again. The girl form Bleach is Azen´s kohei and the one whitey(?) is making googly eyes over. I can´t be bothered to google that garbage.

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7:58 am, Sep 27 2014
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The author is.

Post #653062 - Reply to (#652970) by Book_girl

8:03 am, Sep 27 2014
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Quote from Book_girl
Battered wife... Yeah that is so true and guess what: IT'S NOT LOVE SAKURA!! I'm not giving up on her yet though. I still believe in a NaruSaku ending. Sasuke just needs to die, but I doubt Kishi has the guts to do it. Oh well, I'll try to stay hopeful that this manga won't go down the toilet in a s ...

I agree that a NaruSaku ending will probably happen, but I think that's exclusively because Kishimoto is an idiot tool douchecanoe. Naruto x Hinata is the only romantic pairing that makes any sense _at all_, but Kishimoto has already shown that Sakura is "the one" through his analogy with fucking Kushina.

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9:29 am, Sep 27 2014
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Naruto x Hinata only romantic pairing that makes sense. What are you talking about? While Hinata has a crush on Naruto but Naruto is completely oblivious to it but in later chapters I think he knows but pretending not too. Sakura on the other hand is flipfloping. Her concern for Naruto goes far beyond just a comrade and friend shown on several occasions and Naruto's feelings for her are obvious. If you say Naruto x Hinata is the only romantic pairing that makes sense then there a lot of possible parings with Naruto. A lot of possible pairings have better friendship status with Naruto then Hinata.

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6:38 pm, Sep 27 2014
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I don't agree that sakura is that idiot. I mean, she did try to change things but had no luck: She confessed to naruto, but he refused; She tried killing sasuke, but obviously failed.
People in the manga act like she is helplessly in love even after Sakura proved that her feelings do not hinder her. Given how unimportant ninja girls and romance are in this manga, that is the best deal she will have.
The real idiot in love with sasuke is naruto, only karin (who happens to be from same clan, maybe it's in the blood) comes close.

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