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New Poll - Preferred Manga Medium

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8:34 am, Nov 15 2008
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A poll of my own creation, no matter how sucky it is...Choose your preferred medium that you could read manga on, if all were available to you. (I'm probably missing some choices, but oh well).

Due to popular demand, the poll has been rephrased to include any language you like, not just your native language

You can discuss this poll on our forum here:

Previous Poll Results:
Question: What do you think of people that "love" or are "obsessed" with manga / anime characters a little too much?
Life is a ***** and I agree with them, 2D beats 3D any day of the week - votes: 1722 (14.3%)
Being a fan is not wrong, but when you love and want to marry them ... you went a little too far - votes: 7460 (61.9%)
Why do you love MY character? He/She is MINE! - votes: 940 (7.8%)
You should never get that obsessed over a someone you can never touch - votes: 1938 (16.1%)
There were 12060 total votes.
The poll ended: November 15th 2008

The majority of people are sane. That's good.
As for the other people, I wish you the best of luck

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11:35 am, Nov 15 2008
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I can't vote for the new pool..... my native language is french but i hate read/buy manga in french, too cold, impersonal and they use too many french expression- of France- ( i'm from Quebec ) I prefer to buy my manga in english!!! Then, how i vote?!

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11:40 am, Nov 15 2008
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I concur, I don't want manga in my native language, I want it in english. =/

Post #532019 - Reply to (#532018) by Yohan
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11:47 am, Nov 15 2008
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Same here. My native language isn't English, but I prefer to read my manga in English. I'd choose the raws, but sadly I don't know enough Japanese or Chinese to do that yet (although I'm studying them in college).

Ah well, I guess I should vote the raws anyway. xDD

Post #532020 - Reply to (#532017) by gwengwel
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12:11 pm, Nov 15 2008
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I agree. My native language is Swedish but I hate the Swedish translations of manga that I've read (we've got a Swedish edition of Shounen Jump and it makes my hair curl out of horror). I love the English translations I've gotten my hands on!

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Post #532021 - Reply to (#532020) by Catriona

12:22 pm, Nov 15 2008
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see! see!! i am not alone!!!!!! yep!

Post #532022 - Reply to (#532018) by Yohan
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12:34 pm, Nov 15 2008
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yes...I concur also.....your food is bland and tasteless.


lol XD

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Post #532023 - Reply to (#532021) by gwengwel
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4:03 pm, Nov 15 2008
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lol. I like reading my manga in english. I find it sort of funny that people don't like their manga in their native language because I've read most people to whom English is their native language doesn't like reading their manga in their native language (except maybe if it is scanlated and not the English published version). But if I want to buy my mangas, I would prefer buying the original version instead of the ones published in English but that's not what the poll is about.

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5:14 pm, Nov 15 2008
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I like to read manga in my native language(Spanish)!!!
I don't like when It's a translation from Spain... I hate it!!!
I preferred Mexican's translation... It's the best!!!
At the end I read in English and Spanish!!!

Looking for this!!!

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Post #532025 - Reply to (#532017) by gwengwel
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12:17 am, Nov 16 2008
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Yea I agree im in Montreal, Quebec, and most if not all the the french translated manga are from France, so they use France expressions, even I that attended a french international college in Quebec (bunch of people from france) for like 10 years don't know half of the expressions used.

French is supposedly a more artistic and beautiful language, offering more tones in the speech, and English is a more practical language, but when I read manga, I can't stand French... I don't see how French would be any better than English, in their point of view.

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12:29 am, Nov 16 2008
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What do you mean, you wish us the best of luck? =_=

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2:53 am, Nov 16 2008
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So the majority thinks that marrying a fan is going a little to far. Guess I will be out of luck. bigrazz

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11:15 am, Nov 16 2008
Posts: 170

I would have picked scanslations, but the quality tends to vary so widely that I can't blanket endorse them.

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7:42 pm, Nov 16 2008
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Well, I mean, if you could find a real person that closely resembles that character that they really like to marry, go ahead (^_^"wink

On language.. I wouldn't mind if any got published in our language, I mean the dubbed anime shows that get shown here at our country gets dubbed well enough.

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7:56 pm, Nov 16 2008
Posts: 83

I like the original language. Reading it in my native language is faster, but because there's never 100% equivalence between two languages, things in the original will be lost, so it's best to read it raw. ^^

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