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Manga after Anime

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4:25 am, Jan 10 2011
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So, I've just finished watching the anime, and I though it was pretty cool, even with half of the episodes being flashbacks. Since it felt that there were lots of things unfinished so I decided to start reading the manga, but I've gone until volume 5 and nothing that different from the anime has happened so far. Lots of events that were left implicit in the anime are made quite clear in the manga (
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rapes and such
) but nothing new. So I decided to take a look on the volumes ahead and it seems that the anime ends at volume 8. I was wondering there are lots of things different from anime and manga or if I can just skip to volume 9

GAH! I forgot to say what series I was talking about! It is Tenjou Tenge

Sorry for the confusion ><

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4:39 am, Jan 10 2011
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there are alot of animes that follow the manga with info left out or changed but run the same course but at the same time there are quite a few that have no similarities other than the name


1:09 pm, Jan 18 2011
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you should read the manga in this case
the anime changes things around too much
and you should see it as alternative reality

but thats only if you actualy like the story
if you dont care all that much for why certain things happen and how i suggest you jump to vol11 right away...that where the new line of random boobshots start to happen that have little to do with anything that happened before it

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