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Ichigo 100% ending( i know this is old news but i recently read it)

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Come and Go

8:00 pm, Nov 27 2012
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I have finished reading Onani Master Kurosawa and I must say;
Thank you very much for recommending it. I really, really, really like the ending.
Although, I still dont understand with what you mean about : Kurosawa chose the final pairing for Ise Katsura and Yoko.
But, in order to compare it with Ichigo 100%, this would be a spoiler, but since its in the thread of Ichigo 100% ending, its okay I guess.
at Ichigo 100%, we are introduced the first Heroine, Toujo Aya, then next, Tsukasa Nishino. And then Satsuki Kitaoji, and other minor candidate : Yui, Sotomura little sister, Chinami, girl from cram school.
so the list would be :
1. Toujo Aya (first one)
2. Tsukasa Nishino (confessed, girlfriend)
3. Satsuki Kitaoji (confessing to Junpei, Aggresive & bold)
4. Yui (childhood friend)
5. Sotomura little sister (also movie lover)
6. Chinami (loli center)
7. Girl from cram school (afraid of boys)
as you can see, I can only remember the top 3 name, while the others fail me. And of course, the final pairing for Ichigo would be one of those three. (kinda like Rock, Paper or Scissor)

While in Onani Master Kurosawa :
Spoiler (mouse over to view)
the first to be mention is Nishimoto Erika, and next meet face to face with Kitahara Aya.
after that, the next to be mention is Mikitani Harimi.
and then suddenly come the unnamed/unknown yet, 3 girl character.
After that Kurosawa explaining 3 "best girl candidates" which only 2 from them is new :
1.Naito Kyoko
2.Takigawa Magister
3.Nishimoto Erika

so the list would be :
1. Kitahara Aya (first actual meet face to face)
the 3 "best girl candidates" by Kurosawa which one of them is mentioned earlier;
2. Naito Kyoko
3. Takigawa Magister
4. Nishimoto Erika (mentioned earlier)
and then some others :
5. Mikitani Harimi
the 3 unnamed/unknown yet girls
6. the
7. smoking
8. team
Over the course of the story, no. 1 and 3 is shown alot more than the others, 2 & 4 also showing up, and 6, 7 & 8 also introduced with their name and affiliation.
Spoiler (mouse over to view)
I thing no 5 is not showing anymore

but still the ending outcome pair for Kurosawa is what really surprise me.
Spoiler (mouse over to view)
(one of the 6,7,8)

Now that is what I really want!
the final is
Spoiler (mouse over to view)
not from The top 3 to 5

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7:42 pm, Feb 5 2013
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Quote from RoyalJoker
i know this is old news but i recently read it and was.. heartbroken of how the ending ended.. so.. WHY DID NISHINO TSUKASA HAVE TO BE THE GIRL WITH MANAKA??!?!?!? WHY NOT TOUJO AYA?? please... someone give me a good reasonable reason to accept the way the ending ended.. cry WHY MANAKA, WHY COU ...

I know exactly how you feel no cry no

Onani master Kurosawa was a great manga. Others will be put off by the protagonist's "hobby" but the story was good.

Post #586460 - Reply to (#586453) by akimikage
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9:06 pm, Feb 5 2013
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If it makes you feel better, from what I understand, the ending was chosen based on a fan contest. I can't find a source, but I remember reading about it when I finished the series (I was so mad)

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4:36 pm, Mar 6 2013
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I think neither, Manaka and Toujou, can be happy with the decision of Manaka. Neither he believes the decision. and Toujou is drifting, not knowing where to go. roll eyes

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The Beast

11:09 am, Oct 13 2013
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if you are not satisfied with the ending, why don't you send your opinion to the author herself...
i managed to get her fanmail address from one of her awesome fan from japan.
here is the address :

101-8050 2-5-10 Hitotsubashi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
Shueisha Weekly Jump Editorial department
To : Kawashita Mizuki sensei
(Fan letter)

maybe i'm gonna ask her to make alternative endings for each girls...
well, i know that's a stupid request... shy
but since the manga has been re-released this year in japan with new cover arts, i think there's still a few percents possibility that she will consider it. better than doing nothing, right? biggrin

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12:11 pm, Oct 13 2013
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I'm not sure why you mention onani master it is a aimed at a different age group...

I was secretly hoping Satsuki Kitaouji would win because of how open she was and she had a nice body in the end bigrazz

I'm not all the sad that she didn't win in the end, I am glad that it ended there and didn't go on with every girl and their life story. I am glad that Amachi was never mentioned and I assume he got hit by a bus and died. Best end

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3:38 am, Feb 25 2015
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I hope mangaka visit again Ichigo 100% by made one shot about other character.

Post #662458 - Reply to (#578639) by Great
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An F to judge M!

10:33 pm, Mar 1 2015
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Quote from Great
Although, I still dont understand with what you mean about : Kurosawa chose the final pairing for Ise Katsura and Yoko.

I can't be entirely sure precisely what I meant, as I said this two years ago, but I think it means what it means.

Ichigo %100 progresses in a way that the author could choose whoever she wanted to choose as a partner for Junpei, and as readers, we'd just have to smile, nod, and take it. That's what she wanted, and no amount of reader push-back is going to will Junpei to Aya. I would compare this to a galge where you have options that affect your outcome. In other words, Junpei could've gone either way, so people like to complain about "his" decision.

In Onani Master Kurosawa, it's completely different. His growth as an individual allows him to be with his girlfriend. The final paring is absolutely impossible to guess in the beginning because Kurosawa is an entirely different man in the end. That's why, when Kurosawa chooses to pursue the girl he pursues, as readers, we enjoy it immensely because it feels like the story and characterization drove us to this conclusion. The author of Onani Master Kurosawa couldn't pair Kurosawa with just anybody, so it feels like something that Kurosawa genuinely choose for himself.

I'm finding this hard to pen into words (and that's probably the real reason I told you to "figure it out" two years ago), but I think this is loosely what I meant.

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7:11 am, Apr 2 2015
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Holy crap! How can people say that they would have preferred it that he hadn't chosen a specific girl. Those are the worst kind of endings and leave such a bad taste in the mouth. The whole story seems wasted with those kinds of manga. What's the point then?

Anyway I liked Aya the most during most of the manga but Tsukasa really grew on me near the end so I was satisfied with the ending(and I have a thing for short hair girls)

Post #663999 - Reply to (#14840) by RoyalJoker
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9:01 am, Apr 2 2015
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i loved the ending...its among my top 5 manga endings ever

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6:07 am, May 17 2015
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Ending indeed gave much needed spark to immortalize Ichigo 100% in manga history

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