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6:50 am, Jul 16 2015
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Since no topic has been created for this kind of post for this series, I guess I'll start one.

For those who are a big fan of Domestic na Kanojo, feel free to chime in!

What do you guys think of the possible ending?

Who will Natsuo end up with? Is it with his girlfriend, whom he's head over heals with, Hina Sensei, or the sister Rui?
Will the ending be like the previous series GE - Good Ending?
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Utsumi ended up with the girl that he's fallen head over heals, not with shou nor with oonuma

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10:00 pm, Aug 8 2015
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I get the feeling that he will end up with Rui. Hopefully I do not get flamed for having an opinion like mangafox forums when I wrote something on my thoughts and debated something since I was a Shou fan (been so long I cannot remember exactly what) but I feel like the author spends more time fleshing out Rui and little of her time on Hina.

I like this series better than Good Ending and hope that it does not end similar to it since I thought that it was rather retarded the way they ended it though very similar to real life.

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Shou you stupid girl even if Utsumi left why your ex?

And to all who thought I was retarded with my Ideas on Good Ending I had the entire series mapped out accurately by chapter 46. Actually it kind of creeped me out how accurate my thoughts were.

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11:10 am, Oct 28 2015
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Quote from averyk
I get the feeling that he will end up with Rui.

Same here, the overall structure being quite similar to Good Ending.

Can somebody tell me the flying leaf in the bottom-left corner of this panel is not this.
They sure do enjoy their relaxation at the shrines... but if it's what i think it is it puzzles me given the the norm-respecting tone of the series (i'll study, i'll work, i'll marray, i'll not drink while underage, ...). Well, it might explain why the characters are so self aware.
Anyway i had a good laugh.

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2:58 am, Feb 21 2016
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One character literally tries to rape another character and it's played off as no big deal, he got carried away, let's forgive him--but don't do it again, okay? wink

So freaking stupid. And the art throws in a french kiss in the attempted rape scene, like that would happen while she's resisting... Just a little stupid NTR spice for our benefit.

This has soured me towards the manga.

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3:59 pm, Nov 27 2016
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*Heavy spoilers, read at you own risk.

There is a lot of negative feedback regarding the near rape scene. But it's a fairly common occurrence in manga.
Spoiler (mouse over to view)
In Karate Shoukoushi Kohinata Minoru a character went around raping boys and got away with it.
So I'm just skipping it over, without giving it much thought.

As of 120 chapters the MC is with
Spoiler (mouse over to view)
. I seriously dislike it because I am a hardcore fan of Natsuo X Hina. I like
Spoiler (mouse over to view)
as a character but not as the MC's partner. I just can't believe that their love (Natsuo x Hina) that was shown so sincere, could end like that. I could live with it if Hina remained an active character. But she vanished half way through and only reappeared occasionally. The author isn't even giving her a chance while handing
Spoiler (mouse over to view)
all of the cards. I think that the way this was handled in Good Ending was a lot better. However, the manga isn't over yet, therefore we will see.

I think that the author is trying to put in an element of karma / sin / punishment. But it's very weak and shallow. First and foremost, we ain't in the 18th century. I can see the problem of a student-teacher relationship but with a 17y old with a 23y old, it's not that bad. And secondly, what the MC is doing atm (chapter 120) is not that much different.

For the rest, I get the feeling that the author has lost track. For the past 40 chapters, sub plots are appearing and disappearing like gusts of wind and new secondary characters are introduced without much purpose.

Overall, I think that this manga had a great original idea but the author is somewhat failing in realizing it because she is trying to squeeze in too many plots and characters.

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