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Bleach Ending Discussion

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8:52 am, Aug 19 2016
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Mmmm....... yeah, not that I read a lot of your comments, just because I really don't want to know too much about what happened after the Aizen arc, but yeah, I know I saw at least one or two of you saying something along the lines of "what a shame, it was so good until I read all the crap after Aizen..." biggrin

Yeah, not that I think I'm all that smart or anything, but that's exactly why I put it in "complete" and just never looked at it again after Aizen was over. It was just a natural ending point and I'd enjoyed it way too much up till then to let my experience be sullied by some shameless pandering by the publisher and author.

Stories just really aren't meant to go on and on like so many of the shounen titles do. Bleach is hardly the only one that's gone on past any reasonable point that the original story concept would have brought them to an end.

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11:51 am, Aug 19 2016
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It was nearly the same junk as the last part of Naruto, but at least Kubo didn't try to stretch his dumb finale as much as Kishimoto did.

Honestly, Bleach should just have ended after they rescued Rukia.

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10:24 pm, Aug 20 2016
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I'm more disappointed that he focused on pairing or shipping characters rather than letting us know what happened to some of the other plot characters.

Yes because I care so much about the future generations instead of the current generation of characters you didn't care enough to explain the rest about. No, just waste those pages away on showing us who ended up with who. Fucking hell.

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12:05 am, Aug 21 2016
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The chapter should of been longer explaining all the unexplained. But is it confirmed that is the last chapter or there is one more or a few more chapters after this. Chapter 786 seems like an odd number to finish off a series. You normally would expect 790 or 800.

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10:28 pm, Oct 28 2016
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The ending, hell the whole entire Quincy arc wasn't very good.

Spoiler (mouse over to view)
Also, not happy that Rukia ended up with Renji who I found to be undeserving of her. Yeah, they had their history, but Rukia and Ichigo showed such a deep emotional connection that she never had with Renji. It really felt like she was pawned off on Renji because Kubo decided on Orihime & Ichigo. I would have rather her not end up with someone or with Ichigo. It sucks because Rukia was one of the best characters in that manga at first and then she became such a useless side character. From the way it was going, and considering how much they were together, I thought Orihime would get over her little crush of Ichigo and end up with Chad. It's not that I didn't like her, its just that Rukia and Ichigo has so much better chemistry, but the main thing is that she ended up with Renji, not that she didn't end up with Ichigo.

Also, where the fuck were Urahara and Yuroichi? I wanted to find out they got married and had babies. XD

It's like Naruto, it didn't bother me as much that Sakura didn't end up with Naruto, it bothered me that she ended up with Sasuke (who should have been killed for all the bullshit he caused.) She married a guy who tried to kill her on multiple occasions and its shown that he neglects her. I mean for real?

I just hope One Piece doesn't pull some asshat pairings out of their ass at the end that make no sense.

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