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essence of manga

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11:27 pm, Sep 27 2014
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So depending on if you are a casual reader or a hardcore "otaku", your answers will differ.
My question is, what is the main goal or essence of manga?
In my opinion, the main goal is immersion, or being sucked into the universe the author created forgetting about the real one.

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11:49 pm, Sep 27 2014
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Yeah, immersion pretty much seems like it. I do also enjoy just the goofiness and fun in some manga. It's like not necessarily immersion, but more so to view it and look at a good story or some laughs you know.

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1:46 am, Sep 28 2014
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Depends on the manga and genre. Some have a very specific purpose in mind like Hentai or certain educational manga (e.g. TIMAKING's Afghanistan or TAKEUCHI Sachiko's Honey & Honey), but the majority seems to be made for entertainment.Of course, there are exceptions with a more artistic approach (e.g. Nijigahara Holograph by ASANO Inio), but manga are, like most media, commercial works after all, which were created to give the reader their desired enjoyment and to put bread on the mangaka's table.

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2:56 am, Dec 26 2014
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The essence of manga? Black on white drawing with ocassional color page; adequate characterization for the sake of story progression; but ultimately alluring series of events to make readers want to know what happen next.

The essence of manga I'd enjoy? Strong characterization through chains of events. laugh

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4:53 am, Dec 26 2014
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To see a world filled with life and meaning come alive. If the manga isnĀ“t interested to be "deep" then it needs to try to be best of breed and stand out in theme of humor or action and so no. Anything else has no essence and will soon be forgotten by at least me.

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