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Volume 13

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2:31 pm, Mar 9 2012
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The brown Felicia is a clone, the real Felicia is the dancer with memory loss.


4:36 pm, Mar 9 2012
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Par for the course considering the author.


4:57 pm, Mar 9 2012
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now i know why he did the time skip this was actualy great

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Mome Basher

4:59 pm, Mar 9 2012
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It's starting to get better now...
Looking forward to future chapters @_@

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5:55 pm, Mar 9 2012
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That or they're 2 halfs of the same person, or smthing like that. Anyway, seems like things are still going toward a gathering of a new bunch of companions...

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6:18 pm, Mar 9 2012
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Don't know, don't care...... What happened to the other Regis'? I want to see them again!!!

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7:08 pm, Mar 9 2012
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i agree with the the 2 halfs thing. i think that the dark one is like her powers and the light one is her good side(which she had to those she liked)

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7:58 pm, Mar 9 2012
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Also agree with the 2 halves idea.
I think Lin light is a friend of the original maian, probably has some life extending magic.
Also wants to know where the other regis knights are. I mean there moving right along finding those guys then BAM, they get blown up and are know all separated...
What's with the brother being all strong and quest driven to find Felix?
How did that kid grow so fast... did I miss something?

I want more.

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2:25 pm, Mar 22 2012
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I also agree with the two parts but I also think there is a possibility of 3 parts with the third holding the memories smile!

Post #544752 - Reply to (#541466) by Natsulus

11:03 am, Apr 9 2012
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Quote from iFayden
I also agree with the two parts but I also think there is a possibility of 3 parts with the third holding the memories smile !

Wow...3 parts?! hmm...i hope not...its ridiculous

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11:03 am, Jul 4 2012
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well i dont think the dancer is felicia, and the other one is not even felicia... so im going to explain some thing that i think can be possible so it will be with a spoiler tag, so for thoes who wants to see, do it on your own risk! biggrin

Spoiler (mouse over to view)
Okey the thing is i read all of this mangas chapter and its because its really good, tipically i dont like these kind of mangas but anyways! the thing is in the beginning we knew that felix was still alive and that it was a bit of a mistery about him, but now that we got to volum 15 we know a few certan things!

first is that felicia is being controlled by the diha but there is a diffrence, she got a sun-tan :D after we know that felicia is still alive you get to know that there is a baby that is 5 years old the same time that felix and felicias gang got seperated.

second is that now there is a girl that likes to dance that looking for his son with lance now and that her memories vanished for 5 years, the same time that they got seperated, some how they are all connected, why would the auther show a random woman that is looking for his son that haves no memories from the past from 5 years?

so i came to a conclusion that is felix and felicia got a son(obvious), that diha now haves controll over, felicia got split into 2 being, one is the evil one and the second is the good one, so to get them to be the real felicia felix haves to reunite these to.

and there is one more thing how come felix got the delvishu inside him? before felicia got "killed" she gave him something, what i think is she put all of them "in him" so he got power that we know of. he doesnt treat other people bad, the only thing is the delvishu and maybe other similar things inside. so now felix is looking for felicia, they dont maybe know that they have a son because of diha but this manga is really good i dont know why i like it but it is more like a movie almost ^^ i would give this manga 9.4 its really in top of my manga list no joke, and i dont even tipically like these sorts of mangas ^^

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