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Men who are genetically attractive to women

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4:37 pm, Dec 4 2014
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Okay, I found out about this little funny video on Business Insider tive-2014-10

Pretty much what it says is that a man would instinctively do a "Reproductive Fitness Assessment" the 1st time he meets a woman. Essentially, he would be checking for indications that the woman would be able to bear his children well; including age, health, bone structures, body structures, state of mind, state of well being...etc

This reminds me of an experiment done by my university to prove that women taste in men changes when they are pregnant. If you are wondering why it was a smell test on women, I can explain it but it will be a large post with big wall of texts.

The experiment involved getting 25 (probably larger sample) men to wear their shirts for about 2 days. Then they put the shirts into marked boxes to cover them and let a bunch of women sniff them and rate their 'attractiveness'. Then these women would go on into a birth control pill program to emulate pregnancy and let them sniff at the shirts (they get the men new shirts) again.

The result was a complete reversal of what the women find 'attractive'. Men who were rated high before the program was rated lower and men who were rated lower received a much better rating.

This shows that our choice in mates is influenced by genetics. However, what about romance? How much do you think what we perceive as natural attractions and love is actually just an extension of genetics? Do you that perceptions and logic play a role in attractions or do you think that all it matters would be chemistry (or love, or whatever they call it nowadays)?

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9:34 pm, Dec 4 2014
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Well its indeed true that, men do unconsciously look out for woman who can give them a healthier progeny with added "qualities" of that woman's genetic heredity. But that's just one of the criterion's for a modern 21st century male's assessment of a woman's attractiveness. There are a lot of known instances of men who have fallen in love with visibly weak (physically or medically) women. And i believe one of the major phenomenons that have emerged out more in this century and give a very significant volume to the concepts of "attractiveness" is the rise of homosexuality. What i mean is.. even though partners of same sex can not give birth to a child naturally, even then... those partners are mutually attracted to each other.. sexually.
So we can conclude that there are a number of various factors that come in to play, not just genetics or chemistry.. but even the upbringing and circumstances as well as experiences a human passes through to finally find someone attractive.

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5:10 pm, Dec 15 2014
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If I'm understanding the question correctly, I think it's just biology. After having a few seizures in one day a few months ago, for several days I felt no emotions or sexual attraction to anyone, and there was definitely no 'higher-level connections' going on...

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5:47 pm, Dec 15 2014
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Her appearance and behavior

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9:18 pm, Dec 15 2014
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Intelligience and kindness. And glasses.

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1:47 am, Dec 16 2014
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Honestly, I think most people regardless of gender or romance look for moderately healthy (physical and mental) qualities in their counterparts. Whether it's for the sake of babies or personal preference for a person with shiny hair, glowing skin and pleasant smells, it all seems pretty "common sense" to me. We look and notice the people with the enviable genes or the ones that would do well in a variety of situations.

You might want to change the title of this thread to something along the lines of the roles of biological and romantic attraction? Since that seems to be what you're asking about??

But to answer your question on women, for a surface level kind of attractive: a great smile, good disposition, charming characteristics and a pretty face. (maybe more of the biology side, and also my opinion as a woman)

Personal "romantic" attraction is deeper than plain genetics in my opinion, that would include more things like humor, preferences and personality traits after getting to know the person. It may be in part genetic, but there are way more variables that make it hard to establish solid explanations for it.

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5:06 am, Dec 16 2014
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Intelligence is key and i want to be at ease while in her presence so total honesty is needed too. I like long hair(because i have too?) and a ponytail but i also was attracted to a girl who shaved her head back in school. I am a mixed race immigrant so they can be form where ever to me. Maybe asia ? So appearance is not the leading factor to me.
She only needs basic health standards and then we are cooking. Bonus points for actual cooking skillZ. I have all the qualities of a stay at home husbando but only eat cheap supermarket trash. So compatibility with yourself should be a leading factor at the end for a long form relationship.
Unless you are rich and ageing and want a Trophy wifelaugh.

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6:12 am, Dec 16 2014
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Depends on the woman. Good asses are great for example, but that alone won't do much. Good personalities are great, but first you must see her as someone you would go for instead of just hanging out like with buddies. If you don't plan on dating her or anything, then it is all about her looks and your preferences for looks, as you won't really be getting to know her better or make her a place in your life. Some people for example like blond hair. Around here in Finland, it's not that big of a deal, at least for me, since blond hair is really common. I can't even see it when I appraise a person, since it just blends in to the entirety, no fetish factor or exoticism whatsoever.

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6:27 pm, Dec 16 2014
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What's the point of this thread again?

Btw, the title change, also changed the whole meaning of this thread,
"Attracted or Attractive"??

Cause, right now, we are talking about men, not women :3

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