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Moshi Scans is Recruiting!!

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12:38 am, Mar 31 2021
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He~yo, everybunny U^ェ^U !

❛❛Moshi Scans needs you!

We are a month old group and scanlating manhuas, manhwas and mangas for personal enjoyment.

❛❛We are recruiting for:

✧ Raw Providers [HIGH PRIORITY]

✧ Cleaner/Redrawers [Always Open]
╰✦ Colored Pages [HIGH PRIORITY]
╰✦ Black & White [URGENT]

✧ Proofreaders [Always Open]

✧ Translators [No MTL]
╰✦ Korean » English Translator [URGENT]
╰✦ Japanese » English Translator [URGENT]
╰✦ Chinese » English Translator [HIGH PRIORITY]

✧ Typesetters [URGENT]

✧ Quality Checkers [MEDIUM PRIORITY]

❛❛We also accept:

✧ Beginners
✧ Trainees
✧ Freelancers
✧ Server Designers
✧ Banner Maker
✧ Meme Maker

❛❛We are currently working on:

✧How About Scheming [Manhua]
✧Backstage Kiss Scene [Manhwa]
✧ The Legendary Villain Princess [Manhua]
✧ Gwanghae's Lover [Manhwa]

We need a urgently need a JTL for a BL manga ༼;´༎ຶ ༎ຶ༽ and a KTL for Gwanghae's Lover~

Join our Discord to get latest releases! Hope to see you soon!


10:05 pm, Apr 17 2021
Posts: 5

Beginner level typesetter here! If you're still recruiting I'm willing to participate!


9:46 pm, Nov 9 2021
Posts: 3

Hello...If your still hiring, I would like to apply for the Typesetter position...


10:56 pm, Nov 10 2021
Posts: 3

Hello! I'm still a beginner, I would like to apply for the cleaner position if your still hiring.


6:49 am, Nov 11 2021
Posts: 2

Hi! If you're still recruiting, i'd be interested in cleaner's position. I'm still a beginner but more than willing to learn more!

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