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Looking for a manga about an author and his timid seme.

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12:39 am, Jan 1 2021
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Hi I'm looking for one manga series and a one-shot. It's been sometime since I've read any of them, but I will try to give as much details as I can remember.

☆ The things that I remember from this manga was that the uke was an author and that the seme was helping him write a book. The seme is not your typical confident seme but almoste the opposite. The book he was helping with, was actually about someone like him (a timid seme).
I remember some more details, but I don't want to accidently give away the ending. I hope it still works.
Spoiler (mouse over to view)
At the end the uke decides not to write the book after all, because he fell in love with the seme, but the seme over heared him talking to someone about it and thought it meant that the uke didn't like him and left. But fortunally got stoped by the uke and they ended up together.

☆ This is a one-shot that I've been trying to find for some time now, but it's not easy when I don't remember that much details. What I can remember is that the seme is studying to get in to (I think) university and that the uke is working at either a cafe, bar or restaurant. The thing I remember best is that the uke seem to be very kind to everyone that comes there except for the seme, wich makes the seme wonder if the uke really likes him or not.

I hope that it is enough info that maybe someone remembers one (or maybe both) of them to give me a name so that I can finally read them again. ☺☺


2:52 am, Jun 9 2021
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Found the first manga, it was "Hetare Wanko to Fudanshi Senpai".

Now I'm just looking for the oneshot.


1:51 am, May 13 2022
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By some luck I found the one-shot. It's the second chapter in Love together called "Only have eyes for you". 😁😁


6:18 am, May 13 2022
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