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Anyone can identify the picture?

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6:13 am, Mar 21 2016
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Anyone knows what the picture on the signboard is from?
(Ignore the guy stuck in the middle)

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8:57 pm, Mar 21 2016
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I searched around a bit and found this page about some "male idol" character designs done last year; scroll down and you'll see that they're the same as the characters on the signboard. But my knowledge of Japanese is minimal and Google translate isn't being much help, so I dunno whether they'll turn up in a game or VN or something.

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11:38 pm, Mar 21 2016
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It's something called B-Project (official webpage) which is produced by Takanori Nishikawa. It's basically the three fictional male idol units Kitakore, THRIVE and MooN. Considering Takanori (and the rest including cast) going on stage at AnimeJapan on the 27th of March maybe there'll be an anime but right now all I know is that there are CDs (or a CD?) out right now. If only singles or entire albums 1, 2 or 3 I don't know.

Also, a link to crunchyroll news about it.

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