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The plot really falls apart the further it goes...

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1:38 am, May 7 2022
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TSSDK is entertaining enough at the beginning, but the further it goes, the more "complex" it becomes, the more you notice the author has no idea what he is doing.

Around chapter 90th the author sets up this supposedly elaborate plot where two sides are baited into fighting each other, but the process to get there is laughable to say the least.
A) "I just want to talk."
B) "I also want to talk."
*they fight*
A&B) "I had no choice." x2

All this effort and build-up wasted on a scheme that almost instantly falls apart when faced with a wall of brute force. And the MC faction isn't even fully committed, but just taking it easy.

TSSDK plot is really showing its age, it being one of the first isekais.

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