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Explain the manhua "Ayeshah's secret" for me?

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12:49 am, May 28 2017
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I have just read the manhua "Ayeshah's secret" but I still can't understand this manhua. Anyone reads this and explains it to me please?

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4:47 am, May 28 2017
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May I ask in particular what is it that you didn't understand, or were confused about?

For example: What was the mystery (hence the name of the title) itself?

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5:15 am, May 28 2017
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I don't understand the sons' love.
What I saw: The mother said the third son loves the died one. I saw that the the three sons have feelings for and fall for the still living daughter. When the son paints, I notice that he never puts the died one to be in the centred, and he puts his heart into the living one. I notice the son (who wants to marry the died Ayashah) 's actions to the died one is different to his actions to the died one. I saw that the son who is still beside her at the last chapter doesn't love or cherish or like the living Ayeshah, and he is still with the living Ayeshah, and he thinks for her. I think the mother is beautiful, she killed the one I want her to die, because that daughter says she loves her sister but she still leaves her in the attic and do nothing to help her have the good life the died daughter is having. I imagine the second and the third son also love other women, and they love the died one as they love other women except the living Ayeshah.
Those are not all I think but I summarized my thoughts. Today I thought alot about this manga.I love the died daughter's doll-like appearance, but I am on the other Ayeshah's side because she is kind and do nothing wrong to her died sister.
I still can't understand completely the sons' love and feelings for both the daughters. Explain it for me?
Thanks smile wink grin

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6:45 am, May 28 2017
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*Spoilers ahead for anyone randomly reading that is not familiar with the plot*

First off, I'll start off with the names of all the son's and their relevance and/or relationship with both Ayeshah. For that, I'll start off with listing their names, since who is older/younger between two of the brothers was rather confusing for me when I first read the story.

Carlos - First brother, was briefly engaged to Ayeshah, very outgoing and loud
Sean - Second brother, middle child, mysterious and cunning
Nemo - Third brother, more quiet and shy, is the youngest, artistic

So now that you (hopefully) have an idea of who is who, I'll try by going more in depth.

Nemo, whom you wrote about, does indeed love the Ayeshah that died more than the living one. As for the reason behind the paintings, he had the Ayeshah that died model for him, although this was before he found their secret (and also because the living Ayeshah would have probably declined).
As for Carlos' difference of actions, for me, I don't think they were altogether too different. My reason for this is because he didn't even realize that there were two Ayeshah's. Sean (the trickster) also talked a bit about it, saying that he believed that even if Ayeshah (the one that died) had explained, that Carlos probably wouldn't have been able to believe it anyways (probably considering how crazy it was in the first place).
As for Sean, his interactions with (the living) Ayeshah seemed the most intriguing (and strange, no doubt). At the end of the final chapter, they seemed to be living comfortably together, despite the madness of their combined family. I think it was because of their shared experiences in abuse, although Sean didn't do anything to help to overcome some of the abuse Ayeshah received. He was the only one who didn't fall for the Ayeshah that died, because he found her too "perfect" and too kind.

As for the death of the other Ayeshah, the living one followed her to her demise but did not try to intervene or stop Sylvia (the mother) from killing her. So, the living Ayeshah isn't entirely blameless, but she had her own reasons - she wanted to be herself and not play pretend any longer. Also, both brothers loved her sister and not her, not that the living Ayeshah really cared since she hated everyone due to their cruel treatment of her.

As for the reason why the living Ayeshah lived in the barn (not the attic since the other Ayeshah lost her room because of Sylvia), I believe it was because both sisters were playing a game in which they played the same role - hence their shared named: Ayeshah.
Although they could have stopped, the Ayeshah that died wanted to continue playing while the one living did not. It was a strange request from their father, but they both played their part anyways which presented problems. For example, only one person could play 'Ayeshah' at a time, which meant the other had to stay concealed. Also, even though the other Ayeshah (the one that died) was living within the house, it seemed she was being constantly abused by Sylvia by working as the maid and whatnot.

However, I guess I'm also more on the living Ayeshah's side, though the reason is also kind of because of the dead Ayeshah as well. The dead Ayeshah acted very innocent, but I felt like some part of her must not have been truly innocent, because otherwise she was too flawless as a person. At some point following this, it reveals that the "kind and sweet Ayeshah" that died, seemed to want everyone to love her. For example, she was worried about Sean, whom didn't seem to love her and thus wanted her sister to help her to get them to love her (which she explains as loving one is the same as loving the both of them), at which her sister complains that they don't love them both, but just her sister (the one that died).

Moving on, back to the sons:
Carlos loved the deceased Ayeshah because of her pure and perfect she was. She seemed to have no fault and was generous and thoughtful, and above all charmingly beautiful. But he didn't even realize (I believe I brought this up somewhere above) that she had died - only that she was different. Everyone realized that she was different, but as someone was claimed to have loved her and was about to marry her, shouldn't he have realized she was someone else? I don't think his treatment differed whatsoever with either Ayeshah. He bullied both of them when he was younger, but later stopped when he must have realized he was in love with her (the deceased one, at least).

As for Nemo, he did love the dead Ayeshah (I wrote somewhere above). As for the living one, when he eventually finds out their secret, he stays in spite of his reluctance because he cares for his mom, Sylvia, and because he once promised the deceased Ayeshah that he would look after her sister. However, he leaves because he watches the lviing Ayeshah drive Sylvia to suicide due to her emotional abuse and neglect. Even though he knows what his mom did was wrong, he still loved her, despite what she did to both Ayeshah (the one he loved and the one he didn't love).

As for Sean, I think I explained it above, so I'll try to build on that. Sean gave the living Ayeshah a scar on the palm of her hand, as a sort of symbol that she if she doesn't want to be a victim, then she should act for herself. It's really strange, I admit, but its relevance is related to Sean's own wound, I think, because he says that he used to be like, until he did something. Their relationship, is the most unique, as they probably interacted the least among other family members, but the most intriguing as a result. Sean is the first to discover the sisters' secret, but keeps it to himself for his own amusement. He says that it wasn't that hard to figure it out, if anyone just watches a little bit, but no one else realizes until many years later, which shows how much neglect the girls grew up with I think. I think he and the living Ayeshah are alike, in how strange they are. When their family breaks apart, neither of them seemed to be overwhelmingly upset. Sean said he had been saddened by his brother's Carlos' death, but he didn't try to prevent it. Also, when he was acting friendly with his other brother Nemo, Nemo seemed to be annoyed since it was rather unusual of him. Then again, he could've been angsty, given the circumstances (their mother was unstable and the living Ayeshah was increasingly cold and distant unlike the Ayeshah he loved).

I was rather surprised that you liked Sylvia, though, given her character. I honestly did not like her nor sympathize until I saw the extra chapter, which gave me a different impression than what I had of her until then. I liked it too, since I felt like it showed that Sylvia was more human, since she wasn't just mean and cruel, but was also a mother and a woman.

I tried to explain it as best as I could, but this is all from one interpretation, so you're free to also interpret what you want as well. If you have any other questions or clarification, I'd love to talk more, since it's always interesting to hear what other people think (for me). Also, it's nice to be able to finally discuss this story since it's incredibly unique.

Post #691992 - Reply to (#691984) by AA-A-AA

6:12 pm, May 28 2017
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I also thought the living Ayeshah fell for the three brothers too. When Nemo was leaving the house at the last chapter, she didn't prevent him from leaving. And the living Ayeshah was moved when the eldest son gave the wedding ring to her, when Nemo draw her in the big picture frame.

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