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2:02 pm, Dec 5 2014
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Is it true that Onepunch Man is becoming an anime spring 2015?

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2:07 pm, Dec 5 2014
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Pretty sure it's not. Cause otherwise there would be a trailer preview? Well, I could be wrong

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Memento Mori

2:15 pm, Dec 5 2014
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Seen fake lists of next years anime with it, think it was listed on another fake one last year too = P

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6:04 am, Mar 7 2015
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One-Punch Man Manga Gets TV Anime
This year's 15th issue of Shueisha's Young Jump magazine is announcing on Tuesday that a television anime adaptation of Yuusuke Murata's One-Punch Man manga has been green-lit. The cast and staff will be announced within a promotional video at Bandai Visual's booth at the Anime Japan 2015 event on March 21 and 22. manga-gets-tv-anime/.85713
Should i give the manga another chance as i left me cold after few volume.
I like parodies but this is just another (harmless) shonen action series to me. Am i missing something?

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Big Bucks

10:35 pm, Mar 25 2015
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There is a Trailer:

It's being made by MADHOUSE! The same people who recently animated Parasyte & HUNTER X HUNTER

So it's truly getting an anime. LOL .... THIS IS GOING TO BE OMEGA FABULOUS!!!

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11:21 am, Apr 3 2015
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I cant wait for this man. The biggest thing they should focus on is making the action and graphics of the anime at least match the mangas awesome are and action scenes, cause people will want nothing less

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8:38 pm, Jul 5 2015
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if u dnt get the ''read between the line'' jokes in this manga, u should probably not watch it.

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