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Ao Haru Ride Shōjo Manga Gets Live-Action Film in December

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10:46 am, Mar 8 2014
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The April issue of Shueisha's Bessatsu Margaret magazine is announcing on March 13 that a live-action adaptation of Io Sakisaka's shōjo manga Ao Haru Ride has been green-lit. The film will open in Japanese theaters in December, and the magazine's next issue will unveil more details.

The magazine is also announcing that Daisuke Hirakawa will play the role of Yōichi Tanaka in the anime adaptation of the manga, which will premiere in Japan in July.

Ao Haru Ride revolves around Futaba, a girl who was in love with a boy named Kō Tanaka in middle school. However, after a misunderstanding, their relationship as friends ends when he transfers schools over summer vacation. In high school, her world is turned around once again when she meets Kō again, this time under the name of Kō Mabuchi.

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9:33 pm, Mar 12 2014
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That seems about right. It's the type of story that can make it as a drama film but there's a lot of stuff going on so I wonder how they're going to make it into a film that usually averages to be around 2 hours.

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