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Help: Searching for a BL manga

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9:39 am, Jan 9 2022
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Hello, I would like to ask for help for a manga I've read before, been looking it for days but still can't find it.
It was a part of a multiple stories BL manga, it was the last story I think. They were former lovers back when they were still in university and their degree is about directing (?). The seme was really good at it and the uke got sort of insecure which caused them to quarrel and break up. Presently, the uke has now a family of his own and the seme was shown on tv that he got an award about his movie. They got in touch by writing each other a letter, apologizing and congratulating one another. The last page shows what could have been if they were still together, running around the snow in Russia (?) as this was their dream before.

Please help me if you know about it, too.

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