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en (unofficial MU chrome extension for lists) needs testers

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3:31 pm, Jul 20 2017
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Hey folks,

I've been working on a browser extension to make MU lists more convenient for a couple months now, and it's reached the point where people can take a look at it if they're interested. It gives browser notifications when new releases for series in your reading lists come out, and lets you update your progress manually from the browser no matter what site you're on. Changes made in the extension are synced back to your list on MU. You can also add a link to a series to have it take you directly to the site you read it on when you get notified of a new release.

Anyway it's not ready yet but at this point I could use some feedback and looks from people on different hardware (things like "It's completely broken on Windows 7!" are out of my reach.) It's on the chrome web store but unlisted, you can get the link (and hopefully tell me what you think) on this Discord server.

I had to pay five bucks to the Google cartel to get this on the web store so you know I'm not just trying to slide you some malware ($5 means a lot to me.) But also here's a screenshot so you know it's legit:

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Mods let me know if I'm breaking any Shōwa era forum rules by posting a tall screenshot. A non-cropped version is in the Discord server also. And this probably isn't the right forum, but I thought since people with a helpful spirit roam these parts it would be a good idea. Thanks for reading. embarrassed

EDIT: I decided to post a link on here too for the curious who don't want to use Discord. Because it isn't finished and there may be bugs, I suggest making a backup of your MU lists if you are attached to them. Here is the link.

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9:49 am, Aug 3 2017
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This looks super great, thanks!

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