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New Poll - Stereotypes

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10:34 am, Jan 2 2021
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Yet another poll suggested by jacob66. Do you fit the stereotypes? Obese American? Smart Asian male that's a doctor, lawyer, or engineer? Tall, athletic African American?

You can submit poll ideas here

Previous Poll Results:
Question: Should loli/shota (with sexual content) be banned?
No - votes: 2163 (53.2%)
Yes - votes: 1901 (46.8%)
There were 4064 total votes.
The poll ended: January 2nd 2021

Much closer to 50/50 than our previous poll about this

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Seinen is RIGHT

11:37 am, Jan 2 2021
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I also read EU/US comics and am a librarian.
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12:41 pm, Jan 2 2021
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I really do not know stereotypes of Turkey so I can not say anything.

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12:44 pm, Jan 2 2021
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Warn: Banned

Referring to the stereotypes provided by Encyclopedia Dramatica, I'd say I'm representative of about a 25% of my heritage.

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1:05 pm, Jan 2 2021
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Probably like 10% or less tbh

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1:34 pm, Jan 2 2021
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I don't always act like an American or Black.

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3:08 pm, Jan 2 2021
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I am deeply atypical, in very many ways
…but I do conform to some norms of my ethnicity and nationalities, so…
I went with 25% (probably a lot less, but… not 0%, so…)

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3:49 pm, Jan 2 2021
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Probably 5% - so going with zero.

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6:32 pm, Jan 2 2021
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I'm not even sure the stereotypes of my country mmm...

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8:13 pm, Jan 2 2021
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LOL this is a weird one, it reminds me of that episode of The Office where they’re playing the guess the ethnicity game 😂 I have no idea.

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2:17 am, Jan 3 2021
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I guess this one can be answered easier by someone from the outside looking in, if that makes sense. Like, I'd probably misjudge just how closely I fit the stereotypes of my nationality, yet a foreigner who could know me well enough, and have at least some passing familiarity with our culture would be able to tell real quick.

That being said, maybe you can infer in a way by judging just how closely your circle of friends fit the stereotypes as well? It's not foolproof but using that, I'd say maybe I'm 50/50?

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4:53 am, Jan 3 2021
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0% people always tell me I am different. My own people tell me I'm not one of them because I don't do a lot of the stuff they do, other people outside of my group tell me I act differently from the others.

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2:27 pm, Jan 3 2021
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i would say 75% even though latinos are kind of a little bit of this and a little bit of that, people can either tell i am latina or if i say i am one, they get it right away... 😀

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4:37 pm, Jan 3 2021
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Stupid Asian here. I had a hard time in school.


6:09 am, Jan 4 2021
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I'm definitely Charisma Man
everyone wants to hear my opinion on everything
they laugh at my jokes

that's the only impression I get constantly; rose colored glasses

there's like 1% of people who see me as some Columbine kid
I guess that happens when each demographic can have several and often contrary stereotypes

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