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Chapter 166

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8:55 pm, Nov 15 2011
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I feel so bad for Chihiro sad I mean sure Keima couldn't stay with her if he wants to get the goddess outta Ayumi, but still it was so harsh!
It was only a matter of time before one of the girls actually fell in love with him though (I thought it would just be Tenri though).
And now a major shitstorm is coming. Can't wait for next chapter.

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5:51 am, Nov 16 2011
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Yeah pretty much the most emotional moment in the series. I still think it's one of his schemes and he actually feels really bad and sorry about it, still sucks for Chihiro though.

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1:35 pm, Nov 16 2011
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I think Chihiro is going to get another gap and demon inside and Sh~t will hit the fan~. Maybe...
But,,, QQ Chihiro was my fav character and she got hurt like that. *Sad face*
And that demon girl knows Ayumi has Goddess probably.

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5:52 pm, Nov 17 2011
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*Spoilers-/* *Spoilers-/* *Spoilers-/* *Spoilers-/* *Spoilers-/* *Spoilers-/*

I also thought that this cruel rejection could also create a gap in Chihiro, but on top of that, Ayumi saw everything??!

The only way he could convince Ayumi of his good intentions would be to say something like "Since I can't return her feelings I think it's better if she forgets about me. I had no other choice than to be harsh." or something. I don't think this would work either...

How will he conquer Ayumi now?


1:52 am, Nov 21 2011
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dead ooh noooheees!

first bad turn in the story line, hope it can be salvaged no

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