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anime or manga?

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11:10 am, Nov 29 2010
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well I want to read /watch this one and want some opinions of what to do XD..well I don't like watching the anime AND reading the which one is better?

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11:46 am, Nov 29 2010
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manga is better but they are really similar

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I am the Devil

11:55 am, Nov 29 2010
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I thought they were both bad but you should read the manga if youre gonna do one or the other. And the anime is pretty old with sub-par animation.

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penguin king

7:08 am, Jul 12 2012
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^blasphemy. Both are good and similar. While the animation is old, it was nowhere near "bad" for its time, and the voiceacting was done well. Even the english voice acting had a good feel to it which is more than you get with most now. Btw you should be prepared for a few inconsistencies, but other than that I found it to be a great series. Anyway I think ill suggest the anime(the bluray version may make it a bit better for you as well)

Just realized this was 2 years old, but still can't leave it so onesidedly against one of the kings of anime

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Few favs
Kyou kara ore wa!!, Mx0, Angel Densetsu, Skip Beat, Ai Kora, The Devil King is Bored

Hana to Akuma, No bra, Shinigami Trilogy, kindan no koi de ikou, Usagi Drop, Threads of Time, Girl Friends

Most under rated:
Kindan no koi de ikou, kyou kara ore wa!.
m0r l83r... maybe >_>
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The Living Paradox

7:40 am, Jul 12 2012
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i'd say the anime is better the action is more in depth and an important battle is done in the anime but only the result is told in the manga, the manga does go a little further than the anime but it feels more like a crappy side story with too much skipped.
Yu Yu Hakusho is the only anime that I like better than the manga when the manga came first and also the only anime that sounds better in english than japanese.
While it was made in the early 1990's it looks as good as early 2000's

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7:44 am, Jul 12 2012
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I prefer the manga by far, but i just don't like anime so i'm not a good example

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