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6:25 pm, May 12 2015
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This may not be the right place, but I've been looking for a while now with no success.

I know there's a Greasemonkey extension to view scan websites on Firefox, which I've been using ever since it came out. But I've been having trouble with the latest version and thought I'd try Opera for a while. Is there a similar extension?

I tried to find the forum thread that had this information without success. Could I suggest a sticky or similar so that easily confused people (me !) might be less confused?

Thanks for reading and if this is in the wrong place move it to where it should be.


10:04 pm, May 12 2015
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You might be talking about my post. I tend to over do it when I find new things. It took me half a day to write that up... Here is a link to my post.

Edit: I just did a google search and found this which appears to do the same as Greasemonkey only for Opera. I have not tried it though.

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