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New Manga Series for the Year 2020

All new manga series reported for this year can be found here. You can sort them by the date they were reported to us, the rating, or based on how active the series was over the past month.

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I Stole the Male Lead's First Night

Genre: Comedy, Drama, Fantasy, Historical, Josei, Romance

From LINE Webtoon:
A handsome, selfish noble falls for a beautiful, kind commoner -- at least, that’s how the story’s supposed to go. When an average college student wakes up as Ripley, an extra in her favorite romance novel, she resolves to enjoy the luxuries of her character’s status while watching the novel's plot unfold from the sidelines. However, her plans are soon derailed when she finds herself in bed with no other than Duke Zeronis, the novel’s hero! Dodging the villainess’ schemes, the Duke’s advances, and her own feelings, can Ripley keep the story on track and survive beyond the first night?

Original Webtoon
Official Translation: English, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Indonesian, Thai Language, French

Rating: 7.06 (31 votes)

Activity: Stats Pos #3 increased(+36)

The Villainess Lives Twice

Genre: Drama, Fantasy, Historical, Josei, Romance

From childhood, Artezia Rosan's happiness was dependent on ensuring the success of her brother. As a master manipulator and schemer, she became his most valuable ally in seizing the empire’s throne. That’s exactly why her brother's betrayal cut so deeply when Artezia was imprisoned as punishment for all of her crimes. Soon after being rescued by Grand Duke Cedric Ebron, she vows to help him overthrow the cruel new emperor by sacrificing her own life with forbidden magic. Now waking up several years earlier back in time, she will forsake her own family to help Cedric at all costs. They say that blood is thicker than water, but can Artezia destroy her brother while her own romance blossoms amidst the chaos?

Original Webtoon
Official English Translation
Official Indonesian Translation
Official Japanese Translation

Rating: 7.98 (90 votes)

Activity: Stats Pos #6 decreased(-4)

When the Evil Girl Loves

Genre: Comedy, Drama, Fantasy, Josei, Romance

I’ve transmigrated into the body of the terminally ill, villainous princess of a novel. It’s okay, though, I can cure this illness and live a life where I can do whatever I want!

First, I want to meet all of my favorite characters from the novel in person! But, because I am a villainess, people around me tend to be wary…

“You will die soon, and yet… how can you laugh like that?”

Well, it’s ‘cus I’m super hot.

Original Webtoon

Rating: 7.3 (35 votes)

Activity: Stats Pos #7 increased(+5)

Actually, I Was the Real One

Genre: Drama, Fantasy, Romance, Shoujo

In order to receive love from her father, Keira tried her hardest to live the life of a perfect, submissive daughter. However one day, Cosette appears claiming to be his real daughter and Kiera is executed under the assumption that she is a fake.

In the last moments of her life, Cosette whispers to Kiera “Truthfully, you were the real one.”

Kiera, recalling those words, returns to the past. Although revenge is important, what does it matter who is fake and who is real? Now that I have been given a life again, I will live it freely for myself! A coming age of romance of a cute female protagonist who has never made friends.

Original Webtoon
Official Indonesian Translation

Rating: 6.81 (23 votes)

Activity: Stats Pos #11 increased(+56)

White Blood

Genre: Action, Fantasy, Romance, Slice of Life, Supernatural

When vampires destroy her chance to have the normal life she’s always wanted, Hayan is forced to draw on her darkest secret to rid the world of the merciless hunters that took it over 10 years ago. With the support of a rising star in the local police force, Hayan steps up to protect her loved ones, face her past, and get her revenge.

Original Webtoon
Official English Translation
Official French Translation
Official Spanish Translation
Official Thai Translation
Official Indonesian Translation
Official Japanese Translation
Official Simplified Chinese Translation
Official Traditional Chinese Translation

Rating: 7.75 (53 votes)

Activity: Stats Pos #12 increased(+40)

The Max Level Hero Has Returned!

Genre: Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Shounen

The weak prince of an insignificant country, Davey. After becoming comatose, his soul escaped to a temple where the souls of heroes gathered. He trained for a thousand years and has now returned as a max level hero!

“Just you guys wait, I’m gonna face you all head on!”

The refreshing story of Davey’s royal life and revenge has just begun.

Original Webtoon

Rating: 6.9 (23 votes)

Activity: Stats Pos #13 increased(+73)

The Lady and the Beast (Hongseul)

Genre: Fantasy, Historical, Josei, Romance, Supernatural

100 years after her death, Empress Martina, the founder of the Carabella Empire, reincarnates as Astina Lette, the daughter of a count. Her peaceful, everyday life as a noble lady, a stark contrast to her past life, is short-lived, however. With the bankruptcy of her father's failed trade business, her family falls into great debt. Astina decides to sell herself off to marry Grand Duke Thereode in place of her sister Kanna to save her family from their financial crisis. But Thereode is forever cursed to take on the form of a beast, and no one expects her to survive the night with him...

Still, defying all odds, she fights the beast with her impressive swordsmanship, and miraculously survives. A slow relationship begins to kindle between them as she tames him as her pet.

One night, Astina gives Theo a brief peck on the lips as a reward for his obedience, when suddenly...
Theo becomes.... human?

Rating: 7.7 (47 votes)

Activity: Stats Pos #15 increased(+11)

The Villain's Ending Is Death

Genre: Drama, Fantasy, Historical, Psychological, Romance, Shoujo

Penelope Eckart reincarnated as the adopted daughter of Duke Eckart and the villainess of a reverse harem dating sim. The problem is, she entered the game at its hardest difficulty, and no matter what she does, death awaits her at every ending! Before the "real daughter" of Duke Eckart appears, she must choose one of the male leads and reach a happy ending in order to survive. But the two brothers always pick a fight with her over every little thing, as well as a crazy crown prince, whose routes all lead to death. There's even a magician who's enamoured with the female lead, and a loyal slave knight! But somehow, the favourability meters of the male leads increase the more she crosses the line with them!

This is Penelope’s survival story, who’s been dropped in an insane reverse harem dating sim!

Original Webtoon
Official English Translation
Official Indonesian Translation

Rating: 8.2 (108 votes)

Activity: Stats Pos #16 increased(+2)

Virtues of the Villainess

Genre: Comedy, Fantasy, Romance, Shoujo

Ginger Torte and Lerajie Atlanta, both noble daughters of marquesses, are lifelong enemies and rivals. When Ginger’s fiance, Kishon Mickelson, is stolen by Lerajie, Ginger decides she’s had enough!

But one day, Ginger stumbles upon a strange novel - one where Lerajie is the main protagonist, and she is the villainess! She tries her best to ignore it, but when things start playing out just as written in the story, she has no choice but to rely on the novel to change her doomed future as the villainess.

“Exactly what did I do to deserve this fate?! Why did I have to become the villainess?”

Enter the mysterious Prince Izana, the male lead of the novel. Confined within the depths of the Templar Tower for years by King Astor, he finally sees the light of day when his father passes away. But according to the novel, he’s destined to fall in love with Lerajie, leaving Ginger to wallow in her own misery!

“All I ever did was live life as best I could! But as if stealing my fiance wasn’t enough, now Lerajie is going to claim the male lead?! No way I’ll let that happen!”

The “villainess” Ginger, who now knows Prince Izana’s deepest secret (thanks to the novel), attempts to seduce him with -2% cautiousness and 200% cuteness!

Original Webtoon
Official English Translation
Official Indonesian Translation

Rating: 7.16 (59 votes)

Activity: Stats Pos #17 increased(+39)

Sultan's Love

Genre: Fantasy, Josei, Romance, Smut

"Even if no one believes in me, you must, Miss Saye. I am a man who has decided to become the Sultan because you are a woman that belongs to the Sultan."

Saye, who was a young flower who had not been picked in the Sultan's harem, survives the crisis of the 9th Prince, Kainer, who is the son of the previous Sultan, starting a rebellion. Saye, who struggled to even keep herself alive, only wishes to escape the harem and step out into the world. But Kainer, who has become the Sultan, has no intention of letting her go, and shocks her by telling her that she was the only reason he had become the Sultan. . .

Rating: 6.99 (13 votes)

Activity: Stats Pos #20 increased(+65)

The Ark Is Me

Genre: Adult, Comedy, Drama, Romance, Seinen

Kim Jinsoo ends up moving in with his personal bully… will he be able to find love between his bully and his crush?

Original Webtoon
Official English Translation

Rating: 6.4 (8 votes)

Activity: Stats Pos #23 increased(+34)

Stepmother's Friends

Genre: Adult, Drama, Harem, Romance, Seinen

My mother passed away when I was young. Dad wanted to ease my pain, so he let me live a life without worry. Then suddenly one day, my father introduced me a young and beautiful woman got married because she coveted the man's property. Seeing her sincerely loving my father, I began to open my heart to her gradually, however...

Original Webtoon

Rating: 6.89 (28 votes)

Activity: Stats Pos #26 decreased(-16)

I Raised Cinderella Preciously

Genre: Drama, Fantasy, Historical, Josei, Romance

There is a famous fairytale. A kindhearted girl whose father and stepmother got married and became a family of five with her two stepsisters. The poor girl who was condemned by her stepmother and stepsisters when her father died. The very fairytale, Cinderella.

But I am not Cinderella, I am the stepmother.

At the age of thirty-seven, already married twice, been widowed twice and is raising three daughters!

Daniel Walford, a man who keeps approaching me while I’m busy trying to raise my three daughters.

“Can I kiss you?”

As a son-in law, I think he’s a little bit older but why does he keep approaching?… Oh, I don’t know.

Once I let Cinderella marry the prince, I can live quietly.

But is this fairytale really ‘Cinderella’?

Official Webcomic
Official Indonesian Translation

Rating: 6.84 (17 votes)

Activity: Stats Pos #32 increased(+66)


Genre: Action, Adventure, Drama, Fantasy, Harem, Romance, Seinen, Supernatural

A man who had lost everything.

An almighty power, the [Zero Code] held within his hand.

“Player Kim Su Hyun, do you truly wish to revert the time of Hall Plain?”

“I want to go back 10 years. To that period when I first came here.”

Based in the same universe as "Second Coming of Gluttony".

Official English Translation

Rating: 7.06 (23 votes)

Activity: Stats Pos #36 increased(+70)


Genre: Smut, Yaoi

A charming young man with a job at one of the top firms in Korea, Param is a catch by everyone’s standards. However, he has a couple secrets that could topple his hard-won elite status: Param is gay, and has an oversensitive body that gets turned on at the slightest touch. So far, he’s coped by hiding his crush on his boss and taking care of “emergencies” in the office bathroom. But one day, he’s caught redhanded by the new personal trainer at the company gym. Will this hot, smirking jock ruin Param's life, or turn out to be his remedy? (Source: Lezhin)

Official Webtoon: Lezhin
Official Translation: English

Rating: 7.39 (25 votes)

Activity: Stats Pos #39 decreased(-24)

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