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New Manga Series for the Year 2020

All new manga series reported for this year can be found here. You can sort them by the date they were reported to us, the rating, or based on how active the series was over the past month.

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Kabukichou Bad Trip

Genre: Romance, Smut, Yaoi

Host Miyama Tooru has climbed to be the No.1 host in Kabukichou with his ability to "read minds" and his handsome face. Of course, that power is a secret to others. Furthermore, he has another secret: he’s actually a hardcore fan of a male model, Hikawa Mizuki…!

One day, he meets Mizuki by chance. Tooru who feels like he's reached Seventh Heaven, peeks into Mizuki’s mind on a whim and finds himself being tied up, caned, and toyed with there?!

Rating: 7.05 (8 votes)

Activity: Stats Pos #180 increased(+151)

Bitten by Moonlight

Genre: Fantasy, Romance, Yaoi

An assassin drops in on a troublemaker vampire who creates havoc all over the continent. But turns out, he was brainwashed...! Can he make this man, who's very much his type, his?

Official Webtoon: Bomtoon

Rating: 6.86 (23 votes)

Activity: Stats Pos #193 increased(+131)

God of Blackfield

Genre: Action, Drama, School Life, Shounen, Supernatural

“Who am I?”

The legend of the French Foreign Legion, ‘Kang Chan’!
During the African war, he was called ‘God of Blackfield’, the black land’s God, by his enemies who were terrified but in awe of him.
However, during a mission to kill Masallan, the brain behind SISS, the group of sunni supporters, Kang Chan was killed in action by an unknown bullet shot from behind him.
As his vision got blurry, he saw his thirteen team members, who had absolute faith in him, getting killed one after another.
As Kang Chan was awaiting death after being shot by a traitor, he was saved by a mysterious power and woke up 3 years later in South Korea.
However, he was in the body of another ‘Kang Chan’, a 19-year-old high school boy who was being bullied at school.

Kang Chan’s journey to get revenge on the traitor and to find out the truth behind his rebirth begins now!

Rating: 7.01 (40 votes)

Activity: Stats Pos #195 decreased(-25)

When You're Targeted by the Bully

Genre: Comedy, Drama, Harem, Romance, School Life, Shoujo

One day, Kim Yeondoo, an ordinary high school girl, is suddenly terrorized by her former friend from middle school and stalker in KakaoTalk. In order to stop this, she changes her profile picture to a picture of a random guy and posts him as her boyfriend. But, it turns out that the picture she used is the school's scariest bully, Ji Hyunho?!

As it turns out, the bullies are the tsundere, Ji Hyunho, the smart and cool class president, Seo Juho, and the young man living upstairs of her home, Kang Ahun. Not only that, there's also the My Way baseball boy, Choi Seunghyun, and the pure and lively, Jung Jisung.

How did she end up getting entangled with the handsome bullies?

First place in Apple Store charts in Korea in the debut of the game,

First place ranking in Google Play market,

Along with the achievement of a total of about 2 million downloads,

I really wanted to live as an ordinary female student. Until I met those bastards!!! I became involved with the bullies because of a wrong choice in that one moment!



Original Webtoon
Official English Translation
Official Indonesian Translation

Rating: 6.54 (5 votes)

Activity: Stats Pos #196 increased(+12)

Tsunderu Moto-Akuyaku Reijo wa Do-S Ouji-sama kara Nigedashitai

Genre: Fantasy, Josei, Romance, Smut

What was waiting in the world of reincarnated otome games - an extreme life of being trained by a super sadistic prince?!

One day, office lady Anna Tobita wakes up in the body of Annelie, the villainess of the R-rated otome game, "Cress Secret Love Story," and wife of the crown prince and love interest Reinhard.

Annelie is destined to meet a horrible fate in all endings of the otome game, regardless of who the heroine Mia ends up with. What's worse is that while her husband Reinhard seems kind and gentle on the surface, he is secretly a tsundere, sadistic prince who has now decided to help Annelie regain her memories the only way he knows how: By making her submit to him!

Rating: 6.53 (1 votes)

Activity: Stats Pos #201 increased(+471)

Let's Go to Work Tomorrow!

Genre: Comedy, Drama, Josei, Romance, Slice of Life

From hscans:

The worst man in the company vs. my ex-boyfriend who ran away saying he didn't want to get married. Who should I choose between the two?!

Original Webtoon

Rating: 7.09 (8 votes)

Activity: Stats Pos #205 increased(+51)

Shadow Queen

Genre: Drama, Fantasy, Historical, Romance

“Could you become my daughter?”

Thanks to the Grand Duke Friedrich’s proposition, Elena became his fake daughter. Yet after marrying the Crown Prince, having his child, and acquiring land to oversee herself, the 'late' Duke's daughter, Lady Veronica, appeared before her.

All along, she had been nothing but a mere puppet for the real thing. Elena's son is thus taken from her, and she is murdered.

In a twist of events however, she ends up returning to the past.

"I will crush each and every one of you."

I will never live the life of a puppet again.

And so begins Elena's second life, swearing vengeance on her enemies.

Original Webtoon

Rating: 7.28 (33 votes)

Activity: Stats Pos #206 decreased(-31)

Tensei Kizoku Kantei Sukiru de Nariagaru ~Jakushou Ryouchi o Uketsuidanode, Yuushuuna Jinzai o Fuyashite Itara, Saikyou Ryouchi ni Natteta~

Genre: Action, Fantasy, Shounen

After being reincarnated, Ars Louvent is supposed to live in a different world as a weak aristocrat. Both his physical strength and intelligence were mediocre in both worlds, but here he naturally possessed a skill called "Appraisal" that allowed him to see the potential of any person. By gathering talented people by his side, Ars uses this "Appraisal" skill to transform his weak territory into the strongest one! But the road ahead of him won't be so simple (MangaDex)

Rating: 6.79 (37 votes)

Activity: Stats Pos #210 decreased(-32)

Higeki no Genkyou to naru Saikyou Gedou Rasubosu Joou wa Min no tame ni Tsukushimasu.

Genre: Drama, Fantasy, Josei, Romance

At the age of eight, I realised I had reincarnated as the nefarious last boss of an otome game, Queen Pryde. Her fighting strength is high because she's the last boss who will fight with the capture target, and her superior cunning wits make her the most powerful first princess in a matriarchal country. Since she brings misfortune to all that surrounds her, what awaits is a future of ruination! ...really, wouldn't it be better if I died?

In this case, I'll avoid destruction from the capture target and freely use my authority and cheat abilities to save everyone!

Rating: 7.4 (28 votes)

Activity: Stats Pos #211 increased(+89)

August 9th, I Will Be Eaten by You

Genre: Drama, Horror, Mystery, Psychological, Romance, Seinen, Supernatural

My grotesque (stalker), protects me from 100 stalkers in order to eat me.

Sakurai Aoi, a high school boy, has a secret that he can tell no one. He's been a victim of stalking since childhood.

One day Ueda Miyako, a classmate, suddenly turned into a monster. She was the one who was stalking Sakurai. The beautiful Miyako, who has been around Sakurai for a long time, was taken care of, but the monsters in urban legends all over Japan are stalking in order to love themselves. The fate of Sakurai, who is loved by the mysterious name of hundreds of beautiful women, is...

It's a great point to start! Pure love story about a man's love, greed and illness who was attracted by grotesque girls.

Rating: 6.68 (7 votes)

Activity: Stats Pos #212 decreased(-49)

Ikusei Skill wa Mou Iranai to Yuusha Party o Kaiko Sareta no de, Taishoku Kingawari ni Moratta "Ryouchi" o Tsuyoku Shitemiru

Genre: Action, Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy, Harem, Shounen

It feels like I (27 y/o) who specialized in [Training] skill was no longer necessary for the Hero’s party which has grown stronger for a certain degree. At first, I was the center of the party but in the end, the hero dismissed me from the party. However, because I have「Made a great contribution to the party until now」, I received a small「Fief」instead of retirement money. As my heart felt the loneliness of leaving the adventures front-line and heading to my territory, I thought something after seeing the seven villages with their 2500 population. My thoughts are the following… I wonder if I train these people, won’t my territory become strong enough that could even defeat the demon lord?

Rating: 6.45 (13 votes)

Activity: Stats Pos #214 increased(+1756)

The Princess in the Dumpster

Genre: Drama, Fantasy, Historical, Shoujo

Deep sunken cheeks, dirty skin which lost its original color, twig-like wrists, filthy fingernails and a much smaller body for her age. And with neglected hair hanging over half of her face, this small child is actually the forgotten Royal Princess of the Empire. Unable to stifle her hunger any longer, she crawls out of her hiding within a tiny, old, worn-down castle in search of food…

"I'm hungry," the small girl who's wearing nothing but shabby clothes murmured without even realizing, "Can I eat this…?"

Her small fern-like hand tore a piece of vegetation off of the ground, but she eventually put it down while shaking her head from side to side. The little girl hadn't had a proper meal for three days…

"Estrella…" the child recited the name, her words one with the wind. It was a precious name that she had earned only after a long time.

"I'm sorry I'm late."

"…It's alright," the little one who replied then slumped onto Elias' chest.

Original Webtoon
Official Indonesian Translation

Rating: 7.17 (25 votes)

Activity: Stats Pos #215 increased(+55)

Sword Sheath's Child

Genre: Action, Adventure, Shounen

Bira is a kid who loves fishing, living, and wandering in the wilderness with his dwarf grandfather.

One day, his grandfather tells Bira to wait for him in the Northern part of the forest and disappears. Bira waits for many years living in the forest while befriending a family of bears and staying away from humans, just as his grandfather had warned him to do. By chance, he meets and saves Tanyu's life and later becomes friends with him.

Upon hearing his friend going on a dangerous mission, Bira leaves the forest for the world outside to save his Tanyu.

Rating: 7.12 (32 votes)

Activity: Stats Pos #217 increased(+25)

The Lady's Law of Survival

Genre: Fantasy, Romance, Shoujo

A total of four reincarnations, where in all of them, I died before my 25th birthday. However, the lifespan on the list was much longer than that, and Yeoram, who was in charge of the dead, said he didn’t know the reason for all of this. Is my life a blue screen? Anyway, I finally came up with a clever idea- to be transmigrated for my fifth life! I will live a healthy and long life with love under the influence of a young woman with money, power, and everything else! But… …after I opened my eyes, I found myself deceived by the fucking king of the underworld bastard.

Rating: 6.64 (19 votes)

Activity: Stats Pos #220 decreased(-33)

Oshi no Ko

Genre: Comedy, Drama, Mystery, Seinen, Slice of Life, Tragedy

The story begins with a beautiful girl, her perfectly fake smile, and the people who love her selfishly for it.

What transpires behind the scenes of the glittering showbiz industry? How far would you go for the sake of your beloved idol? What would you do if you found out reincarnation was real? The star of the show is Aquamarine Hoshino and the stage is but a mere facade. Will he manage to reach the climax before the world of glamour swallows him whole?

Rating: 7.18 (49 votes)

Activity: Stats Pos #222 decreased(-33)

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