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New Manga Series for the Year 2022

All new manga series reported for this year can be found here. You can sort them by the date they were reported to us, the rating, or based on how active the series was over the past month.

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Sayonara Eri

Genre: Drama, Psychological, Romance, Shounen, Slice of Life, Tragedy

A new 200 pages oneshot by the creator of Chainsaw Man and Look Back, Fujimoto Tatsuki.

With his mother dying, Yuta attempts to capture her last days on his phone. After her death, Yuta heads to the roof of the hospital to commit suicide, but a meeting with a strange girl leads him on the path to making a movie.

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Rating: 8.35 (127 votes)

Activity: Stats Pos #1383 increased(+104)

Pink Heart Jam

Genre: Drama, Romance, Yaoi

Country boy Haiga has many questions he wants to learn the answers to when he moves to the bustling capital for his university life – and one of them happens to be, “do I like guys, too?” When his upperclassmen dare him to check out a box spa behind Shinjuku’s Nichoume District, Haiga uses this opportunity to find out the answer to his question – and runs into his senior Kanae, who has one simple solution for him – clothes, off!

Official English

Rating: 8.01 (68 votes)

Activity: Stats Pos #2008 increased(+496)

Maybe Meant to Be

Genre: Comedy, Drama, Josei, Romance

Jia Han, a 32-year-old freelancer with no work, is tired of her parents nagging her to get married and finally move out. When she runs into her childhood friend, Mincheol Jin, who is also feeling the same pressure from his parents, she blurts out that they should just get married to solve both of their problems. Little did she know he’d accept her suggestion, and she suddenly finds herself thrust into marriage. A story of an unexpected romance that’ll have you scrolling for more!

Original Webtoon:
Naver Webtoon, Naver Series

Official Translation:
English, Indonesian, French, T.Chinese, Spanish

‘How long have i been laying down at home…?’ Han Jia, who is turning 32 this year (she’s a freelancer who’s still doesn’t have a full-time job/jobless), suffers because of the pressure given by people around her that keep telling her to get married. Around the same time, Jin Mincheol, her childhood friend who came to Jia’s hometown for holiday, is having the same problem. Then, the two people got married just like that. Now that they have married….. ‘Huh? We match each other more than i thought?'

Rating: 7.81 (46 votes)

Activity: Stats Pos #11 decreased(-8)

A Transmigrator's Privilege

Genre: Fantasy, Historical, Romance, Shoujo

※ Be prepared for a world after death!

I received a strange spam text message right before I died. I thought I was dead but when I opened my eyes I was at the transmigrated examination bureau.

There really is a world after death?
I'll transmigrate to a book?!

"Do you have a particular genre you like?"
I, who mastered a variety of genres in my previous life, In my next life, I hoped for a child-rearing novel where I can become a cute, dainty girl and acquire infinite love.

ㅡ The book I'll transmigrate to isㅡ

Survival Difficulty S-class, an book full of regression instances <Regressing until the World is Saved>.

ㅡ And the character I will possess thereㅡ

is the daughter of a servant who serves the ruthless aristocrat familyㅡwho abused the main character?!

However, thanks to <The Life Insurance Full Package>, which I signed up for just before I died, I got special privileges...

This is a story about surviving an S-class survival difficulty book with the help of new skills, insurance privileges, and God's favoritism and affection that I've gained!

Original Web Novel

Original Webtoon:
KakaoPage, Daum

Official Translations:

Rating: 7.75 (37 votes)

Activity: Stats Pos #343 decreased(-21)

The Pizza Delivery Man and the Gold Palace

Genre: Drama, Romance, Yaoi

Due to his father’s reckless investments and gambling habits, Woo Won and his mother were saddled with a debt that they’ve spent their whole life trying to pay off. After his mother was forced to return to the countryside due to her ailing health, he was left all by himself to battle a lone fight. The heavens seemed to be indifferent to his plight when he was fired from his part-time job that paid well.

While looking for a new job, his friend suggested that he try the pizza delivery gig at a pizzeria located in a fancy neighborhood. Not only was the food good, but it was also famous for employing beautiful and handsome workers. Woo Won, who is on the attractive side, applied in an instant for an interview and was accepted immediately.

Seo An has lived all his life under the control of his unyielding father who couldn’t tolerate even a single slip up. It ate away at his life, and finally, culminated into social anxiety and a panic disorder. Finally, he quit his job and shut himself off away from the world.

One day, a person suddenly appeared and offered Seo a small kindness. For the first time in a long time, he wasn’t afraid of another person. This is a story of two youths who are tired of life, how they meet and fall in love.

Official Webtoon:
Mature, All Ages

Official English (All Ages)

Note: Lezhin US originally rated this title as "Mature" when it launched on their website, only to switch it to "All Ages" after a content review of the current chapters. All content will remain the same. The author has said that the mature version and All Ages version are the same currently, and the mature version will still become available.

Lezhin US has since confirmed that the 2nd season will be rated Mature while the 1st season will remain in its original form with the All Ages rating.

Rating: 7.7 (29 votes)

Activity: Stats Pos #268 decreased(-108)

The Guy She Was Interested in Wasn't a Guy at All

Genre: Comedy, Gender Bender, Romance, Shoujo Ai, Yuri

A popular Twitter shorts series depicting the love story between a gyaru and her classmate who she mistakes as a guy outside of school, bonding over their mutual love for rock music.

Original Web Comic

Rating: 7.68 (36 votes)

Activity: Stats Pos #318 increased(+173)

Hoshizora wo Mitsumeta Sono Ato de

Genre: Romance, Shounen Ai

Miyazawa Subaru is a designer, who thanks to the recommendation from his planetarium creator friend, managed to get a job to work on a pamphlet for one of the planetarium's event. What's more, the event involves Amase Tougo, a photographer he really admires who specialises in taking pictures of starry skies.

On the day of the event's private screening, there Subaru met...

This is a pure BL between a photographer and a designer who is also a wheelchair user.

Original Manga

Rating: 7.53 (33 votes)

Activity: Stats Pos #2205 decreased(-122)

My Daughter Is the Final Boss

Genre: Action, Drama, Fantasy, Mystery, Psychological, Romance, Sci-fi, Seinen, Slice of Life, Supernatural, Tragedy

My daughter destroyed the world. At the end of the divergence, I died helplessly. When I opened my eyes again, my five-year-old daughter was in front of me.

<Unique Quest: Changing the Future>
Stop Seol-ah Lee’s five misfortunes. (0/5)

Chance given once again
If raised incorrectly, the world will perish.

Original Webtoon

Rating: 7.52 (36 votes)

Activity: Stats Pos #655 decreased(-124)

I Tried to Be a Loyal Sword

Genre: Action, Comedy, Fantasy, Josei, Romance

Kashimir grew up working as a mercenary to buy medicine for her precious younger half-sister, Aria.

On her way home, after completing a mission as usual, she tripped and hit her head, causing her to remember her past life; thus she realized she had been reborn in the world of the novel The Night of the Fairy. Her sister was the main character of this reverse-harem romance while she was one of the villains causing Aria to suffer hardships.

Since there is no way Kashumir would let her precious sister suffer, she vowed to protect Aria until her adoption into the count's family, just like in the novel.

But things turned out differently, and even the male lead candidates, who should've been fish in Aria's pond, all ended up becoming obsessed with Kashumir instead, when all she wanted was to protect her lovely sister.

Original Webtoon

Official Translations: Japanese

Rating: 7.49 (34 votes)

Activity: Stats Pos #132 increased(+7)

Super no Ura de Yani Suu Hanashi

Genre: Comedy, Romance, Seinen

Sasaki, an overworked salaryman, goes through an average stressful day just for a single light at the end of the tunnel: Yamada, the always-cheerful clerk at his favorite convenience store.

One day, Sasaki takes an extra amount of time at a company meeting, and by the time he gets to the convenience store Yamada has already clocked out. However, as he leaves, he notices a young woman with piercings smoking behind the store?

Note: Official serialization starts in Big Gangan vol.9 on August 25.

Rating: 7.49 (28 votes)

Activity: Stats Pos #735 decreased(-229)

No More Princes

Genre: Drama, Fantasy, Josei, Romance

This is the legendary tale of valiant princes, devoting their lives to rescue the princess from the evil drake that has been terrorizing the nation…
"Here I am, my damsel in distress, I will smite the dragon and return you back to the golden castle!"
when the brave prince roars his promise, our beautiful princess Mikaella asks the question to drake.
"Xeno, I don't want to be saved by him... Please take care of him."
The mighty "evil" dragon responds, "Anything for my sweet Mikaella."

Original Webtoon:
Comico, Naver Series, Ridibooks

Original Novel
Comico, Ridibooks

Official Translations:
English, German, Japanese

Note: The webtoon was released as R15, it's not R19 like the novel.

Rating: 7.48 (23 votes)

Activity: Stats Pos #1343 decreased(-807)

Aiou Futari

Genre: Drama, Romance, Yaoi

A young man discovers that his mother has been going out with a sugar baby for a while. But is that really what is happening?

A heartfelt story of finding love and family.

Rating: 7.46 (36 votes)

Activity: Stats Pos #2421 increased(+607)

Natsume-san wa Hirakaretai

Genre: Drama, Romance, Yaoi

[Summary re-translated from cmoa]

Because he's not good in bed, all of Natsume's lovers break up with him. "I'll become the best person at sex in all of Japan so that I can rub it in the face of my ex who dumped me!" He boldly declares. Natsume selects "Kou" from the escort service to help him improve his skills, but there's a surprise when Kou arrives at his house...?! The story of a "housekeeper" and a troubled, heavy-thinker with a love agenda!

Rating: 7.44 (44 votes)

Activity: Stats Pos #2373 increased(+49)

Damn Reincarnation

Genre: Action, Adventure, Drama, Fantasy, Shounen

Hamel, a warrior who traveled with his colleagues to exterminate the devil. Unfortunately, he died just before the battle with the devil started.

“Yes.” What the hell? He was reborn as the descendant of his fellow warrior, Vermouth. The descendant from the bloodline of the great Vermouth, Hamel.

No, he was now Eugene Lionhart. “It was already enough with me having the delusion that I was a genius in my past life. But… this… It’s… It’s incomparable."

From a dying body to a new body, he has the achievement that he did not have in his previous life. And, a reincarnation of an unknown origin, the reality of living together with the demons.

Facing a new world where everything is questionable. The journey of the unfinished previous life begins with Eugene’s body.

Original Web Novel

Original Webtoon:
KakaoPage, Daum

Rating: 7.44 (45 votes)

Activity: Stats Pos #153 increased(+232)

The Invincible Princess Is Bored Again Today

Genre: Action, Fantasy, Historical, Romance, Shoujo

Dante Renatus, who had even claimed the throne as the Emperor with her excellent swordsmanship, is reincarnated as 'Helena', the daughter of the Duke of Peresca 500 years later. A second life she hadn't wanted. She had already enjoyed everything in her previous life, and had tried everything she had wanted to try. If she has to be reborn, it's just annoying and boring no matter what she does. In the meantime, Prince Caesar visits the duke to avoid a power struggle, and Helena, who recognizes Caesar's talent, decides to become his swordsmanship teacher.

"I'll make you an Emperor."

It was just something I started thinking about, using the skills of my previous life to train future students and liven up my boring life. But even if you like me, don't you think you like me a bit too much?

Original Novel

Original Webtoon: Daum, KakaoPage

Official Translations: Indonesian, Japanese

Rating: 7.43 (43 votes)

Activity: Stats Pos #209 increased(+47)

Ookami wo Katte imasu

Genre: Adult, Comedy, Mature, Mystery, Romance, Smut, Yaoi

Inomata, an expressionless, unfriendly salaryman is living with a junior man who's in love with him, like a dog. The dog, Taichirou, was working in the same company but Inomata didn't know him very well. In a drinking party, Taichirou suddenly nominated himself to become Inomata's lover. Inomata rejected Taichirou, but let him stay in his house after hearing Taichirou didn't have a place to live now. Taichirou, who has a lot of self-control, kept on saying "I love you" and got very intimate with Inomata but never attacked him. Inomata started to prioritize the devoted Taichirou, but one day he "fell" into a puddle and arrived at a parallel world. There's a Taichirou there too. But that Taichirou is cold, never met Inomata, and of course he's not in love with him. He's a completely different person...

Rating: 7.43 (23 votes)

Activity: Stats Pos #1664 increased(+1256)

Punch Drunk Love

Genre: Comedy, Smut, Yaoi

Park Sunwoo, who prefers a pair of thick glasses and an awkward-fitting suit, is an employee of DM Electronics’ Financial Accounting Team. He doesn’t have a very good reputation for being inflexible, but he doesn’t care at all about other people’s gossip because my happiness and comfort are of the utmost importance… I’m in love with him too! They work for the same company! There is an opponent. Jung Taemoon, the male idol and prince of the personnel team. Park Sunwoo, who was secretly spying on his unrequited love as usual, finds out that Jung Taemoon enjoys promiscuous and rough one-night sex, and proposes that he can’t sleep with him as well…

Original Webtoon
Official English

Rating: 7.38 (17 votes)

Activity: Stats Pos #1050 decreased(-317)

Henachoko Kyuuketsuki wa Ookami Kishi no Chi ga Hoshii

Genre: Adult, Doujinshi, Fantasy, Hentai, Josei, Romance, Smut

A half-vampire woman is planning to drug the knight she likes, and attack him in order to drink his blood. However, due to the effects of the drug along with her aphrodisiacs, the knight changes form and she ends up being assaulted instead. This story is an erotic comedy, featuring a calm and connected knight – who is actually a werewolf – and a rookie half-vampire, with erotic scenes making up more than half the story!

Original Web Comic

Rating: 7.37 (24 votes)

Activity: Stats Pos #1569 increased(+80)

The Rewards of Marriage

Genre: Fantasy, Romance, Shoujo

Notorious for her extravagant spending, Wilhazelle Fossier drove her house to complete financial ruin. To pay her family’s debt, she resolves to collect a bounty from the wealthy Duke Heillos by finding his missing nephew. Although her search is successful, until the skeptical duke can confirm the young boy’s identity, Wilhazelle must spend one month living at the Heillos manor. But when one month turns into one year and a contract marriage, she starts to wonder if the money is worth it!

Original Webtoon:
Daum, KakaoPage

Official Translations:
English, Japanese, S.Chinese

Rating: 7.37 (43 votes)

Activity: Stats Pos #338 decreased(-203)

Hikaru ga Shinda Natsu

Genre: Horror, Mystery, Seinen, Shounen Ai, Supernatural, Tragedy

"So, Hikaru is no more... If that's true then..."

Yoshiki and Hikaru are two boys who live in a certain village. They're the same age and have always been together growing up. But one day, Yoshiki noticed that "something else" has taken Hikaru's place. Even after learning of this, Yoshiki still wants them to be together. And so, his life with the "something" that looks like his friend begins.

At the same time, strange incidents keep occurring in the village...

Original Web Manga

Rating: 7.36 (36 votes)

Activity: Stats Pos #395 increased(+34)

Majo to Neko

Genre: Action, Drama, Smut, Supernatural, Yaoi

Outwardly, Sudo is a delivery man, but at night he is a "courier" for the underworld.
By chance, he gets together with his neighbor Uno, whom he has been interested in, over a potluck.
The next day, he sleeps with Uno, who is drunk, and the next day, Uno becomes very distant from him.
While he is worried that he might be onto his ulterior motives, he sees Uno being tangled up with some unscrupulous men on the street, and he reflexively takes Uno by the hand and runs away.
The dying Sudo, under attack from the enemy, is saved by a contract with Uno, a descendant of witches.
Sudo learns that Uno has been living in hiding from the world because he is a witch.
To escape his pursuers, Sudo returns to his home to retrieve money for his escape, only to find his pursuers waiting for him...?

Rating: 7.36 (49 votes)

Activity: Stats Pos #2022 decreased(-166)

Ruri Dragon

Genre: Comedy, Fantasy, School Life, Shounen, Slice of Life

The story of a young dragon girl being lazy, doing her best...and being lazy again. Ruri faces the usual issues: pushy classmates, annoying teachers and...waking up with dragon horns?!

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Rating: 7.35 (41 votes)

Activity: Stats Pos #162 increased(+26)

Gaikotsu to Koi wa Dekiru no ka?

Genre: Action, Comedy, Romance, Shounen, Tragedy

A love story between a human and a skeleton.

Rating: 7.33 (19 votes)

Activity: Stats Pos #2468 decreased(-136)

Grim Reaper's Floating Moon

Genre: Action, Drama, Fantasy, Martial Arts, Shounen

He’s in the deepest part of the Jianghu. Keep your eyes wide open if you do not wish to get dragged into the abyss.

Kidnapped children raised 7 years in darkness for a single assignation mission that goes awry.

Original Web Novel

Original Webtoon:
Daum, KakaoPage

Rating: 7.33 (30 votes)

Activity: Stats Pos #53 increased(+114)

Please Don't Come to the Villainess' Stationery Store!

Genre: Drama, Fantasy, Historical, Josei, Romance

"A useless thing like you has no value in our family. Take this money and leave immediately!"

"Yes! Goodbye!"

She became the incompetent villainess who commits wrongdoings in order to earn the love of her fiancé, the male lead. Her reputation was already at rock bottom and the main characters, who can't live without each other, are having an affair.

"Getting kicked out and receiving money is good enough!"

So after she was kicked out, she set up a stationery store in front of a school. She reminisces of snacks, beer candy, and even bubbles! Just you wait, kids! But… somehow her young customers are a little weird?

"I'll find you a handsome and modest man, and not someone who has an affair like my brother!"

"Ha, then what about my brother, the crown prince?”

“…the tower master is the best."

The great magic swordsman, the crown prince, the villainous tower master, and finally, the hidden villain. The stationery store, which she thought would be peaceful, left her with no rest.

Help me! I just wanted to live a normal life!

Original Novel

Original Webtoon:
Daum, KakaoPage

Official Translations:

Rating: 7.29 (40 votes)

Activity: Stats Pos #262 increased(+19)

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