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New Manga Series for the Year 2021

All new manga series reported for this year can be found here. You can sort them by the date they were reported to us, the rating, or based on how active the series was over the past month.

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L'Éden des sorcières

Genre: Adventure, Drama, Fantasy, Shounen

Holy Prey

Genre: Drama, Fantasy, Romance, Shoujo, Supernatural

"This saint is one lucky devil."
Reira, the princess of Inferus, will do anything to avoid having to marry the diabolical Lucifugus—even if it means accepting a treacherous bet: she will have to seduce the holiest man on Earth, ...André, or relinquish her freedom forever. For if she fails, not only will she have to marry Lucifugus, she will become his slave for the rest of her life. Can Reira pull off the impossible? Or will her rival's tricks doom her to servitude?

Original Webcomic
Official English Translation

Celle qui reste

Genre: Drama, Shoujo

"They thought they had no secrets from each other..."
Émilie has lost her sister, her only sister, her twin sister Emma. Devastated by sadness and guilt, Émilie moves to a new city in search for a fresh start. But how is it that this place too seems to be imbued with Emma's presence? And who is this mysterious “M” whom Emma was supposed to meet? As the secret surrounding the disappearance of her sister resurfaces, Émilie meets the beautiful Maddy...

Original Webcomic
Official English

Space Punch

Genre: Action, Drama, Martial Arts, Shounen, Supernatural

Joe and Zack lost their father when they were kids. Since then, the two brothers have chosen totally different paths. Zack, the older of the two, is a policeman like his dad, while Joe is a noodle delivery boy. But the discovery of certain mysterious artifacts is about to change their lives forever…

Activity: Stats Pos #2403 increased(+993)

Molly Go Round

Genre: Drama, Romance, Shoujo

"A perfect celebgram Love Story"

A broken-hearted « celebgram » girl who is secretly an otaku that is obsessed with Otome game met a « handsome-voiced » boy online, whose voice was 90% similar to her favorite character. Her image... on the handsome-voiced perfect boy was ruined when she met up with him, who was a glutton and overweight/obese in real life. The whole world changed for her, when she received an invitation for a collaboration with her favorite studio ; where she later found out that the obese boy was working at the same studio and was actually the VA of her favorite character.

Original Webtoon
Official English

Activity: Stats Pos #2343 increased(+1170)

Heart Triggers

Genre: Drama, Fantasy, Mystery, Psychological, Romance, Shounen

"Love at first sight."

At 16, Milan is unable to sleep, haunted by dark and terrifying nightmares... At the end of his rope, he stumbles upon an ASMR video made by a mysterious Miss Trigger. Entranced by her eyes and her ...words, he finally finds calm and serenity. But who is this young woman hidden behind her veil ? He will quickly suspect two newcomers in his school, Rebecca and Elif. One is passionate by dancing, the other by boxing... Milan will discover worlds opposite to his own and will realize that a veil can hide much more than a face.

Original Webtoon
Official English Translation

Activity: Stats Pos #2355 increased(+1165)


Genre: Drama, Horror, Mystery, Psychological, Shounen, Supernatural

"Unlock memories !"

A group of five people wake up in a devastated world, masks firmly attached to their faces by unbreakable locks. The moor is covered in fog and the few buildings still standing seem to have suffered a... cataclysm. When a first monster appears in this foggy world, they understand that they must kill it to break the locks of their memories...

Original Webtoon
Official English Translation

Activity: Stats Pos #2355 increased(+1160)


Genre: Action, Drama, Fantasy, Shounen

"Those who are going to die salute you."

Gabriel seems to be a shy and reserved teenager. In fact, he is a psychopath who is trying to repress his violent impulses in order to fit in with society. Everything changes when his classmates and ...himself are carried away in a strange storm that moves them in a bloody arena where they will have to fight to survive. Will Gabriel dare to reveal his true nature to his classmates?

Original Webtoon
Official English Translation

Activity: Stats Pos #2312 increased(+1127)

Crystal Digger

Genre: Action, Adventure, Drama, Fantasy, Shounen

"What if your life depended on a piece of crystal?"

When Will discovers a magic crystal in a cave, he is not yet aware that his extraordinary destiny is manifesting itself... Accompanied by Wyatt, the crystal digger, in a fantastic world where the only law is that of the strongest, he will have to grow up and save the universe!

Original Webtoon
Official English Translation

Activity: Stats Pos #2352 increased(+1173)

Tales of Love and Consequences

Genre: Drama, Fantasy, Romance, Shoujo Ai, Yuri

"They will move Heaven and Earth to find each other."

Sealia and Cloudy are in love. But their relationship is forbidden by their respective clans, which have been on unfriendly terms for generations due to their vastly different positions on the human race. When the two women are denounced, they are banished to Earth… a planet on a path to destruction. But that’s not factoring in the power of the love between the two women, and human ingeniousness. Are Sealia and Cloudy the only two deities down on Earth?

Original Webtoon
Official English Translation

Activity: Stats Pos #2335 increased(+1157)


Genre: Comedy, Drama, Fantasy, Slice of Life

"Drunk for better or for worse!"

Harry, a lazy, cheating beer-guzzler, lives in a trailer as a burden to society. But when it comes to flirting with gorgeous redhead Jenny, Harry can also be a true romantic. Crazy, mean, trashy humor from a writer from the north.

Original Webtoon
Official English Translation
Official Simplified Chinese Translation

Activity: Stats Pos #2355 increased(+1177)

The Journey

Genre: Adventure, Fantasy, Shoujo

"An epic towards infinity."

An unknown journey into the universe. In the middle of the worlds, she'll only be able to choose her destination if she overcomes three challenges. Through them, meetings and discovery of different...places. Will she be able to cope whith these adventures that will show her who she really is?

Original Webtoon
Official English Translation

Activity: Stats Pos #2350 increased(+1157)

Marya Morevna

Genre: Adventure, Drama, Fantasy, Shounen

"Warrior princess in search of revenge!"

Inspired by the Slavic and Nordic folklore of the Middle Ages, the tale follows the intersecting stories of Marya Morevna - a warrior princess seeking revenge, and Ivan Tsarevich - a wandering prince in search of adventure. On their common path, they will meet several well-known characters from Russian literature, such as Baba Yaga or Kochei.

Original Webtoon
Official English Translation

Activity: Stats Pos #2351 increased(+1176)

Deadly Novel

Genre: Drama, Fantasy, Historical, Mystery, Psychological, Shoujo

"Without ever turning the page..."

Alice, a successful thriller writer, is in the middle of a promotional tour when a more insistent journalist tells her the shameful secret of her success. Scared, she tries to escape… and falls from... a balcony. When she comes back to consciousness, she finds herself in London at the turn of the XIXth century, and has taken the place of Kyrilla, the heroine of her first novel. She soon remembers the plot. A serial killer is terrorizing the city, and Kyrilla should be his next victim...

Original Webtoon
Official English Translation

Activity: Stats Pos #2348 increased(+1168)

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