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New Manga Series for the Year 2014

All new manga series reported for this year can be found here. You can sort them by the date they were reported to us, the rating, or based on how active the series was over the past month.

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Do-S Kyoukan no Ero Koushuu★Unten wa Karada de Oboero!

Genre: Josei, Romance, Smut

"This is part of the class!" My super sadistic teacher manhandles my body in the car... then takes me in my most intimate parts! He instructs both my body and my heart... I don't think I can live without him anymore! I joined the driving school that my boyfriend works at, but it turns out that my supervisor is my first love from middle school... "Every time you miss, you get penalized." All of a sudden he shows me his dominant side, and I just don't know what to do! Even when we're driving, all of a sudden he starts touching me erotically, and won't get his hands off me! He makes my body make such lewd sounds... It won't stop pulsating... I think I'm at my limit!

Osananajimi wa Ijiwaru Doctor - Sonna Toko Kosuccha Damee

Genre: Josei, Romance, Smut

Sakura's anemia flares up during job-hunting season - the most pivotal time of her life. She turns to her mother for support, only to have a hot young man come over in her stead!! With her business taking up all her time, Sakura's mother asked Sakura's childhood friend and neighbor to take care of her. He's back on break from studying at some famous medical school in America. He's here to cook, clean, and give her a physical examination...... She's hesitant at first, as he always used to tease her, but the more he feels (examines) her body, the hotter she gets... Until...!

Onegai, Shojo tte, Barenaide

Genre: Adult, Comedy, Hentai

"When he touches me there, I start to get hot... Nobody's ever touched me there before, and now that he is, I'm dripping wet and twitching and feel all tingly inside... He hasn't noticed that I'm a virgin, has he...?" Soichiro and Kanano are both pretty popular in school, so everybody thinks that they've got plenty of experience. But, the truth is, neither of them have ever done it before! After they begin dating, it doesn't take long for them to start making out, and panic ensues while they both try to hide that it's their first time. "What!? He's putting it in THERE!?" How will their first time go!?

Inu, Hajimemashita.

Genre: Josei, Romance, Smut

"I'm your pet dog. So... please pleasure me over and over!" I went to a dog-training center to stop my puppy barking, but ended up being trained myself instead. My master put dog ears and a tail on me and "trained" me sensually with his fingers, tongue, and gaze... He disciplines me every day, and I do my best to be a good, lovable pet. This is a cute, extreme love story between a sadistic trainer and his puppy girl.

No-Zo-Ki. Joshidaisei, Veranda G Ikoui

Genre: Josei, Smut

Moeka just started living alone a month ago. She's a college student hoping to find herself a nice boyfriend, and one day, she realizes something. From her balcony, she can see everything in the room in front of her apartment, and she finds out that a very hot guy lives there......! She starts spying on him through the window, but one day, his girlfriend (!?) walks in his room and kisses him......!! Moeka is so shocked that she nearly gives up on him, but then she catches him having sex with his girlfriend!! She knows she shouldn't look, but she can't take her eyes off them. And...... guess what!? It turns out that the girl isn't the one who was kissing him the other day! As soon as she realizes it, she starts to feel horny and touches herself on the balcony......! She can't resist the temptation and does it again the next day......!

Houkago Himitsu Shirei - Kaikan Sennyu Sousa

Genre: Josei, Smut

Mariko Kitahara arrives at St. Dominic Academy to find her long-lost sister. She vows to end their separation and live together like they used to. However, what awaits her is an unruly student, Arisa, seducing other students in the literature club and doing as she pleases. There are also members of the staff who are very interested in "training" Mariko and taking advantage of her quest. What will happen when the handsome but cruel board chairman discovers her true identity?

Eros na Kareshi Kashimasu.

Genre: Josei, Smut

After her boyfriend dumps her for "being a bad lay," a devastated Arisa finds herself with a handsome mystery man, "E." Blindfolds, numerous sexual partners, in meeting rooms, and in elevators... She learns how to open up as he penetrates her body and soul while introducing her to a world she's never known before... This is a love story about an alluring "rental boyfriend" who heals the hearts of girls everywhere!

Dansou Reijou - Watashi no Shojo wa Ikura desu ka...

Genre: Josei, Smut

"I want to see the moment when a young lady dressed like a man becomes a woman." She's licked and touched and forced to orally pleasure a man until she's dripping wet... What's happening? She's never felt this way before......! As a child, Ichiko was made to take over her sick older brother's identity, and live as a "man". Then one day, she's suddenly told to be a woman again and marry the man who will pay back their family debt. When she evades him, the man says he'll spare her from marriage and give her checks of money, as long as she "performs" for him. With every lewd "performance" she's forced to put on, Ichiko is made more into a woman, but to what end...!?

Official English Translation

Do-S Celeb Senzoku Ura Guide - Karidasareta Yoru

Genre: Josei, Romance, Smut

"You're supposed to be the best guide, right? Then you'd better serve us well." Sanae, a tour guide, gets an urgent request from her uncle's travel agency to attend to a pair of hot and mysterious male celebrities. But once they reach their destination, she ends up at the mercy of their whims. On top of that, all three end up sleeping in the same bed together...!!

Yajuu-sama no Ijirare Pet - Kuro Do-S Idol ni Anan Gohoushi

Genre: Josei, Smut

Newbie manager Nana finds herself in charge of Kakeru and Shin, a.k.a. the popular singing duo " Quiche" ! However, both men are very different from how they act in public. Nana gets bombarded with ridiculous demands, and her daily life is filled with nothing but work... Yet, undiscouraged, she's determined to do anything for them that's within her power, devoting herself completely to her job. Then, one day, Kakeru turns into a new kind of beast and goes for Nana's body...! She knows it's wrong, but she can't help melting at the loving touch of a superstar's fingers and tongue...!

Karera wa Do-S na Scientist Office de Midara na Aigan Jikken

Genre: Josei, Smut

"I'm begging you! Take me and ravish me until I'm crazy!" It's just what this boring typical office worker has been waiting for, days soaked in pleasure. In the company research and development aphrodisiac...surrounded by gauges and equipment. And that disgusting guy. Forced to take the drug, and turned into the prey for the experiment, she's blackmailed by the researcher Nagumo. Please give me the sex that drives me crazy, leaves me soaking wet, and feels so good I can't hold back!

~ Renta!

Kyoshitsu de Naisho de Ecchi shiyo?

Genre: Adult, Hentai

He spread my legs wide open on top of a desk, and licked my sensitive parts endlessly until I orgasmed over and over... If we have sex here, someone's definitely going to spot us...!

Shuujin Gokko Nanokakan Kangoku Jikken no Wana

Genre: Adult, Josei, Smut

Akari and her boyfriend Hiroshi take part in a part-time university experiment: "Happy couples of five years or more become jailors and prisoners. Just how will it change them mentally?". While all five couples started out well, they get swallowed up by the strange prison-like atmosphere. Under the pretext of punishment, the male jailors start sexually assaulting the female prisoners! What will become of Akari and Hiroshi!?

Kare to Watashi to Tenshi (?) no Riyuu

Genre: Comedy, Romance, Shoujo

Hito ni wa Ienai Service Zangyou - Kachou Spanking no Ojikan desu

Genre: Josei, Romance, Smut

Late night in the office, spanking sounds ring out... Momoi works in an office and just can't do her work properly, making nothing but mistakes, so she gets scolded every day. Then, one day, she makes a terribly big mistake, and Section Chief Onizuka, who she's always pined for, makes her work overtime until midnight. But then, a little thing happens, and all of a sudden it becomes super hardcore punishment overtime! She gets groped until her most sensitive places are all sticky, until finally her deepest zones get penetrated right on top of her desk! "You're such a masochist!" "Ahhh! Section Chief... please keep spanking my naughty ass!!"

~ Renta!

Ecchi ga Heta ja Dame desu ka?

Genre: Josei, Romance, Smut

"You suck in bed!" Those words hurled at Momoka by her ex have made her terrified of relationships. But, when a big-shot in her office, Mr. Mochizuki, asks her out, she works up the courage to begin a relationship... "Can you love me even if I'm bad in bed?" Brought to climax in the storage room and the elevator, can Momoka conquer her fears and feel true pleasure in Mr. Mochizuki's embrace...?

~ Renta

Second Virgin Nante Hajime kara Iranai

Genre: Drama, Josei, Romance, Smut

"Who needs men!?" That's what I, a strong-willed woman approaching 40, tell myself. In the worst possible situation, I encounter a young man with a really feminine appearance who is now following me everywhere I go! That being said, it turns out he might not be a stalker after all... This is a full-length, 50-page love story.

from Renta!

Tsumugi to Himitsu no Amai Mission Do-S Joushi ni Choukyou Fukujuu

Genre: Josei, Romance, Smut

Tsumugi's hot boss doesn't get off like other guys do, so she's having all kinds of kinky sexual experiences because of him. It all starts with late-night sex at the office, and humiliation. Then she has to walk with a vibrator in her underwear, stream a masturbation session in the changing room, and pull off a public display at a hot spring... How much more can her sensitive body take!?


Non Cattle

Genre: Adult, Comedy, Yaoi

Kaizokuouji ni Torawarete!? - Kyou kara Omae wa Ore no Onna da

Genre: Adult, Drama, Fantasy, Josei, Romance, Smut

Yokohama Gen'ei Shashinkan

Genre: Josei, Mystery

Yotogihime - 365-nichi Tekagome ni Sarete

Genre: Adult, Fantasy, Josei, Romance, Smut


Genre: Horror, Josei, Mystery

Josou-sensei★Skirt no Shita wa Full Okki!

Genre: Smut, Yaoi

I got hard when I cross-dressed for the first time! Even though I was at school, I couldn't hold back and jerked off. At the moment I came, I was seen by a male student...!?

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